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Discussion in 'Films, Music and All Things Artsy' started by crabby, Jun 14, 2006.

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  1. This is just a shameless plug, doing a favour for a couple of friends

    My Space

    On the otherhand for all those little OTCers and ACFers out there the song "revision blues" will strike a chord. Indeed if you remember the revision blues from your younger days you may enjoy it.

    The other three up there at the moment are very much environmental sciencey (they both did a degree in it) but if you're bored why not?

    They're free to listen to and download of course

    Enjoy and put any comments up here so I can pass them on (including "fcuking hippies" as one of them had the cheek to call me a closet socialist a couple of weeks ago)

  2. I reckon you should plug a song to ARRSE and your infamous bathroom window.

    Bathroom Blues or something similar.
  3. Seeing them this evening to watch the game, I'll explain my obvious paedophilic tendancies and ask them to come up with the "bathroom blues" you suggested.

    Right... off for a shower...
  4. You got them plugged, i'll get them on air and i'll pass them to Mongo over at Krush Radio for his blues show aswell

  5. Utter crap, I’ve made better noise with my anus
  6. Showing my nievety... Krush Radio????

    They've got 9 in total, can send you the rest if you like (one of them is currently in Kenya so not sure if they'll be rotating the songs through)

  7. Haven't we all??? :)

    editted to add that they are currently recording in a bedroom with some pretty dodgy equipment and very basic software - so they can be forgiven the recording being a bit gruff
  8. Lol you haven't spent nearly enough time on myspace, they may not be the best (certantly not the worse we have had submitted) but i'll give them a go anyway.

    ARRSE is an affiliate of the station we are on is a station we used to be with and still have friends at.
  9. No I've not really spent any time on myspace - I really was just plugging their music (plus I love revision blues).

    They'll be fully formed as a band in august and will be recording in a basement (big step up that), should have about 5 people by then (all environmental scientists)
  10. Would that not be a step, or seven down?
  11. Maybe they live in a hole in the basement?