shameless hawking of kit

Discussion in 'Classified Ads' started by SiCiv, Jan 28, 2010.

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  1. got a few bits to get rid of

    1 x unused plce OG bergan longback
    1 x berghaus cyclops, excellent condition

    £50 each ono

    1 x assault vest used, webtex,


    1 x lowa desert boots, used size 10


  2. Did you get my PM mate?
  3. One remaining Berghaus Cyclops 125L bergan, brand spanking, now £40

    Also got an Optoma DVD projector, a year old and hardly used £150

  4. Bone question! Is the bergan the green olive drab type? Only asking as my little sis is off to Madagascer and cant take any military looking kit.

    Cheers Mate
  5. pm sent mate
  6. bump, £400 of dvd projector equipment going for £150.00 guys, gen sale
  7. bump, high end spec projector going for less than half of market value, postage paid.
  8. If your that desperate ill give you a fiver for it and a bunch of daffs....
  9. no your ok thanks, bit of travelling coming up so am selling everything but my soul :) ill take a 100 for it