Shameless Career Advice from Frank Gallagher

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Frank_Gallagher, Jan 5, 2008.

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  1. I have now been asked to provide career answers & to give moral and welfare leadership to the esteemed members of ARRSE. So if you have any questions on what to do in situations or how to be the best person you can be and advance your career, then this is the new live career chat for the British Army as well as providing marriage guidance.

    So please post questions here for honest & 'Frank' answers.

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  2. Prank, I have the misfortune to live next door to a right bunch of leary cnuts, you know the sort of thing always pished, on the benefit and fighting/mass murder being committed, by the sounds of it, at all hours.
    My question is, CAN YOU TURN DOWN YOUR FECKING STEREO, please?
    Thanks mate,
  3. Hey man, it;'s not their fault. Fcking Maggie Thatcher Milk Snatcher began this fcuking downhill spiral. Us benefit folk prop up the economy by creating jobs for civil servants to pay our fcuking Giros. We employ nearly 15,000 social workers and 2,000 case workers as well as now have an input into the MoD Lesbian Gay Bisexual & Transgender Forum who are now funding a a study into social exclusion and the role of masculinity in the armed forces.

    Just off for a wee toke. By the way my stereo and my music is not up for negotiation.
  4. Ive worked my arrse off for 40 years now Frank,and ive had enough of it what should i do
  5. Right mate, get a War pension from Norcross in Blackpool and get a civvie lawyer to serve papers on the MoD that your body was fcuked and your in pain and that wallpaper in BAOR made you depressed. Claim man Claim.
  6. Great advise Frank.Wish you had turned up sooner.Ill be there first thing monday
  7. Mr Gallerher,
    after over 30 years of serving the crown my knees hurt and I make involuntary noises when both sitting down or standing up. I always go sort of " Ohh Arrgh" this is very embarrassing as well as being the result of semi constant pain.

    I am due to go on Circuit Training on Tuesday - should I attend or pull another sicky?
  8. You forgot to mention that you have been stuck in the JHQ timewarp for 80 years...................................... :wink:
  9. JHQ rocks!
  10. B_AND_T

    B_AND_T LE Book Reviewer

    Are you from Somerset?