Shameful Celebrity Crush?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by LucreziaBorgia, Jan 13, 2012.

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  1. My current list:

    William Petersen, aka Gil Grissom of CSI Vegas. Old enough to be... well at least my older brother, and I still would.

    Rhys Iffffff-vans or whatever his bloody name is. He looks like the offspring of a village idiot and a bag of pipe cleaners, he's Welsh, he has horrendous teeth and for some reason, I'd still have a crack at him.

    Duncan Ballantyne - This one I do understand. He looks and sounds like a slightly older Mr Borgia, but has a considerably larger bank balance and probably a far lower propensity for rounding up the stray squaddies on his barracks on Saturday afternoons like some sort of paternally frustrated Collie and insisting I cook dinner for them while they block my hallway with boots, shout obscenities at the X-box/rugby/football/F1/women's beach volleyball, smoke all my cigarettes and stub them out in my plant-pots, decimate the contents of the beer fridge and drinks cabinet and..... Ahem. Ranting is such an unattractive habit, I do apologise.

    Anyway... Which S'lebbritty types out there you are ashamed to say you would be inclined to mount, given half a chance?
  2. Carol the weather girl from BBC News.
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  3. I'm with Victorian Major on this.
  4. Wrong thread dearest. And I'm still waiting for the explanation on that one.
  5. Ravers

    Ravers LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    I'm pretty sure we already have a very popular and successful thread about this called 'Women you fancy but shouldn't' or some such.

    But since you asked, I would bum the shit out of that Asian bird from the One Show despite her massive, out of proportion, lollipop head.
  6. The little chubby one from Little Mix. She resembles a shaved Ewok but I still want to spit up her arse till her teeth drown.
  7. Jedward. Both of them. Shameful but true.
  8. Bugger - sorry, didn't spot that one.

    And do you mean Myleene Klass?
  9. Not so sure that would be the case with Duncan...he was court marshalled out of the Navy, so would probably enjoy the company of matelots/squaddies and have a bloody good pi55 up, only thing is, the price of the contents in his beer fridge would pay off my mortgage.... probably
  10. No, he means Anita Rani
  11. Rusty Lee, she pops up occasionally on 'This Morning' making soul food and I occasionally drain my spuds onto my twitching stomach..
  12. When I was a sprog-Selina Scott, and blonde one from abba (girl).
    Nowadays-Bradbury, of course, goes without saying.
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  14. Hippo fancier, HC?
  15. Bugger.

    Ah well. It's not as though I mind that much. The next one who thinks it's amusing to call me "Mum", however, will have a unenviable understanding of the symptoms of arsenic poisoning.