Shame on Thames Valley Police No Escort for War Dead

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by geezer466, Apr 12, 2008.

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  1. Daily Mail Article

    They were probably all to busy persecuting law abiding motorists with thier poxy camera's.
  2. It could soon be sorted by allowing RMP to use their blue lights on public roads for such occasions.

    To be honest i would rather the police went and stuck their head up their arse anyway, especially Thames Valley who appear to still live in the 19 Century.
  3. Thames Valley Police takes complaints from members of the public extremely seriously. If you are unhappy with the service you have received or if there is an issue you wish to raise, contact us.

    How do I make a complaint?

    Visit a police station and ask to speak to a Sergeant, Inspector or Supervisor. If none are available at that time ask the desk officer to make an arrangement for you to be contacted.

    Write to your Local Police Area (LPA) Commander

    Call us on our single non-emergency telephone number:
    0845 8 505 505

    Contact the Professional Standards department

    Contact the Thames Valley Police Authority

    Contact the Independent Police Complaints Commission

    Thames Valley Police contacts:

    Oxfordshire contacts

    Chief Superintendent
    Shaun Morley
    Basic Command Unit Commander Oxfordshire
    Oxford Police Station
    St. Aldates
    OX1 1SZ
    Tel: 0845 8 505 505

    Superintendent Howard Stone
    Local Police Area Commander
    Banbury Police Station
    Warwick Road
    OX16 2AE
    Tel: 0845 8 505 505

    Superintendent Brendan O'Dowda
    Local Police Area Commander
    Oxford City
    Oxford Police Station
    St. Aldates
    OX1 1SZ
    Tel: 0845 8 505 505

    Superintendent Andrew Murray
    Local Police Area Commander
    South Oxfordshire
    Didcot Police Station
    Mereland Road
    OX11 8BG
    Tel: 0845 8 505 505

    Chief Inspector Dennis Evernden
    Local Police Area Commander
    West Oxfordshire
    Witney Police Station
    Welch Way
    OX28 6HN
    Tel: 0845 8 505 505

    Chief Inspector Phil Littlechild
    Local Police Area Commander
    Vale of White Horse
    Abingdon Police Station
    Colwell Drive
    OX14 1AU
    Tel: 0845 8 505 505
  4. Firstly, its from the Daily Hate so the usual scepticism is required. And secondly, if true, can you understand why the top plod bod in Thames Valley wouldnt want to do this 'ceremonial'?

    I quite agree that plod should be out catching criminals in lieu of lining a route. How many of us complain on here that plod doesn't do his proper job of fighting and preventing crime?

    It goes deeper than that though. Its yet another denial that we are at war and blokes are coming back in black doss bags.

    I'd rather see the local MP of North Wiltshire and the local MPs of the fallen appear at the repatriation of the coffins to be honest.
  5. well I guess most of you have had the e-mail about the way Canadians welcome back their war dead - they may have larger Police Services then us. In an ideal world people here would be lining the streets to show their respects but as Lord Flasheart says it would be more appropriate for local dignitaries to show respect on behalf of their constituents
  6. Now there lads, don't want to make a scene over this so move along now. Ain't you got am 'omes to go to? You lot got to realise that being a copper ain't letting off drunk Freemasons and fitting people up like it used to be in the good old days. Now the Police have to fill in forms, meet targets, attend lectures, be aware of the rights minorities and train PCSOs to out when it is raining or it gets dark.
    As for escorting the hearses, can't you squaddies realise that it may offend some people. Of course the average run of the mill Brit won't be offended but we aren't interested in their opinion and we usually go out of our way to prosecute them for anything we can.
    Then there are the Health and Safety, Human Rights and Freedom of Information implications regarding escorting the hearses. If that does not satisfy you lot we will throw in The Prevention of Terrorism Act or lots of obscure legislation to shut you up.

    As an afterthought, surely the MOD Police can provide some kind of escort - or would that be self defeating?
  7. As dingerr said best solution would probably be to just give the RMP special dispensation to use the blue lights on these occasions. Gets the vehicles carrying the remains to their destination in the shortest possible time and allows the police to carry on doing their job catching criminals.
  8. A couple of minor details i thought I'd amend with your post but its late and I'm feeling militant.

    Its not plod on the ground who is at fault but the puppets who are positioned in authority who should be ashamed as well as the systematic denial of the government and all their little helpers who do not recognise the ultimate commitment that their 'subjects' make.

    They are more than happy to get vote winning photo opportunities when battalions return, pressing the flesh of the troops coming off the aircraft but seem to be too busy when the black doss bags travel to the slab.

    Why should the RMP do the route lining? I know they would be more than happy with the duty but some people seem to ignore the realism of what it means to send your Armed Forces to two wars. Its not all glossy gong parades and BBC reports of success. The reality is dead and severely wounded young men and women coming home.
  9. To be honest Flash I thought the suggestion of having the relevant MPs was the most appropriate - after all it is likely they voted for Afghanistan/Iraq and they should see the impact of the decisions they make. Likewise Min of Def should also get off his arse and show some respect for once.

  10. It really is a disgrace that any local police force cannot organize some practical asistance in the movement of British War Dead.
    Respect for the fallen is required as a matter of course.
    When I was working in the UK I remember the High Speed convoy laid on so that the Bilge Rat Blur could travel fast from one location to another. Police m/cycle out riders clearing the way say 5 miles ahead so he could wisk through.
    Yet nothing for Tom.
  11. Yeah, after posting that I knew I'd get a response. :) But I was feeling charitable and I figure that's what the majority of police officers would like to be doing, rather than what they often end up doing.

    I can't speak for dingerr but what I meant by using the RMP was for escort duty with the vehicles so they could get through traffic fastest. Lining the route and the like as they do in Canada is a whole other question.
  12. Not really mate, I've just come back from visiting Calgary Police (no, not on a government fact finding jolly, but looking for a transfer out) and their force is about 1600 Officers and 450 civilian support staff. They police the population of Calgary (approx 1.5m) with the same amount of officers and half the Civilian "Support" staff as my force which looks after approx 400k (ish)

    I use the term "Support" staff in for my force loosely as, with the exception of the civvie jailers and a handfull of others they do feck all to support frontline policing.

    So it's not a problem of numbers but of resourcing. Calgary, as an example, are far better at putting bods on the ground and equipping them to stay out there on patrol and trusting them to use their judgement, and with support staff who feel part of the team and seem keen to support the officers on the streets (that was my impression anyway).

    I also noted that the Calgary Police vehicles all sport Support Our Troops yellow ribbons on them. It was officialy dissaproved of but "allowed" to continue anyway. Over here Cops get in the Sh!t if they display a union jack on their van.

    Also, whilst I was out there, a Calgarian reservist was killed out in the Stan. The whole city was in mourning. Front page news for days, flags at half mast, and on the TV constantly. Over here the media and authorities don't give a toss, so neither do a large portion of the general public.

    I don't think it's down to the fact that Thames Valley can't be asked or anything similar. It's more to do with the failing morals and proper appreciation for what our best people are doing for us in foreign countries. People don't have to agree with the politics (I imagine a lot of Canadians don't agree) but they should be supporting our troops.

    All in all my impression of Canada, and Calgary in particular, is that it's how it should be here. It's not without it's problems but a damned sight better than the hole the UK is rapidly becoming.
  13. I live in Wiltshire and knew nothing of the repatriation ceremonies. I assume Wootton Bassett was informed as the cortege would be passing through where as nothing was published outside the village which is a shame.

    Also, Police forces are having to get their priorities in order, those who fight for and make the ultimate sacrafice for their country are bottom of the list, followed by anyone who was born in this country and pays their way.

    Avon & Somerset are sending their officers to Poland to 'immerse' themselves in the culture so they are better prepared for dealing with all the Polish immigrants........ waste of tax payers money or good idea?
  14. I'm retired now, but if Thames Valley want to lend me the bikes, I'll get a trained and experienced Escort Team together for them and we'd do it for free. The least we coould do for our fallen.
  15. Would it not make sense to let Wiltshire carry on with the escort and Thames Valley to provide just 1 vehicle to the escort or would that be a no go as it would be different force operating in their patch and showing them up or is there a large immigrant population in the Thames Valley Police area and the pen pushers at the top don't want to upset any ethnic minority??