Shambu v purity ring

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by chimp503, Jul 16, 2007.

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  1. I have just watched the latest BBC news - 2 reports stood out.

    1. A white Christian teenager has been refused the right to wear a ring promoting her chasity before marriage. The ring has a quote from the bible inscribed on it.

    2. Followed by a report that Shambu the bull who has been diagnosed with TB has been saved because his carers - Hindu followers believe it is against their human rights.

    WTF is going on in our country can anyone please give me some hope because I am at my wit's end with all this Bollox.

    It beggars belief that if you are white, British and Christian in this country you become a 3rd if not 4th class citizen when it comes to your rights.

    How can someones Human rights in regards to keeping a bull be more important than the spread of TB, Mrs Chimp who is not known to get angry, lost it when she heard this one.
  2. It really does make me sick.

    If I was the girl, I'd wear the ring anyway. It's her ring, let her do what the f*ck she wants with it.

    PC can shove its sh1te up that TB infested bull's ARRSE.

  3. Now the Shabu-llocks has put a smile on my face - but you do have a point with regards to the ring PTS265, Surely most pupils wear rings anyway - don't they?
  4. I think we should get medieval on these Green Lefty liberal quacks and get burning them.
  5. It ain't the Green lefty bunch who have done this, its believe it or not a group of middle aged white plastic Hindu's who think they have the right to dictate to the rest of the country that its ok to have a bull with TB when thousands are slaughtered each year for the same thing to prevent an outbreak. Beyond belief honestly it really is :x
  6. Ok lets burn them then, and still burn the Green Lefty Liberals since they really cause too much trouble
  7. Common sense has prevailed this morning as the old bull is to meet his maker at 0800. Shame the bull had more "bull" than its pr*ck carers
  8. School rules say no jewelry - ergo, no rings and sh should follow rules regardles of religion. Don't like it - find another school.

    Bullock was sick and infectious - kill it in accordance with law regardless of religion. Don't like it - find a new country

    All that's needed is consistency
  9. Yep but that's where our country goes sadly wrong - rules don't apply if your a minority as the powers to be are to afraid of being classed as racist, now that's a far bigger problem than consistency
  10. When this bull gets the good news are they having a traditonal hindu funeral for it. The thing is when the F&m fiasco was going on there was an out cry about toxins and the like being released from burning Cow's.

    any way if it's a hindu job put me down for a steak, well done please! :wink:
  11. Not so my friend.

    Although the Feds turned up with all the paperwork to seize the disease ridden feck, the didn't have the necessary warrant to enter the building :oops:
  12. Scabby Bull 1 - 0 Common Sence.

    This really is a shambu-lls!

    Il get my coat.....
  13. Cows are sacred in Hindu, this isn't a cow that is going to live in a field, so surely there's no risk to any other cattle? The girl wants to wear a fashion item which happens to have some bible verse on it. Why can't she wear a cross like other christians? This "purity ring" is nothing to do with religion. It's not like teenage shagging is allowed in any other major religion. Stupid bint has been watching too much American bible-belt telly programmes with her bible-bashing parents.

    So Shambu is a religious matter, while the ring isn't. That's the devil's advocate argument anyway. I might just be a sh*t-stirring c**t though. :twisted:

    But....barbecued bull? Sign me up!
  14. Purity rings should be compulsory. The amount of me hard earned wasted when a simple warning ring tells me they don't put out! :wink:

    Obviously not necessary for a schoolgirl though - its not purity it is the law!!!

    I would however spare Shambo - I understand that he is kept far enough away from other bovine life to not be a risk. :cry:
  15. Shambu-Sh1t, what makes them think they are above the law? Kill it!