Sham is for the Army, apparently.

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by amazing__lobster, Mar 13, 2008.

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    Apparently Sham is fighting for the rights of serving & ex-servicemen :roll:

    If the mejia had contacted him:

    Although he also called us :
    He is also annoyed because at Prince Harry because:
    And here is the best part, Sham is a walt - I think that means he can have his own wiki page now (a quote from an article he wrote):

    Here is how they support soldiers
    from this link:,452,0,0,1,0

    *For search purposes: Sham H Rajyaguru
  2. Why does he write about himself in the 3rd person?

    "Sham does this and Sham does that!"

    Does he have "voices" in his head?
  4. No, you have him all wrong, Sham is a CNUT.
    He is shitting himslef right now because he knows we know who he is and where he is and at any time any one of us could be the guy next to him at the bar, waiting patiently for the ideal time to extract revenge.
    Now he knows how Salman Rushdie feels (except without the police protection).
  5. How can anyone this stupid think he will be taken seriously ?

    Sham is indeed a sham. Nothing but tired old cliches.
  6. At least Fishy Rushdie had enough talent to punch out a book or 6. This little cnut lives out his political fantasies through student politics, which is basically fisherprice.
  7. Sham if you read this can you name one socialist country where the "workers" are better off than in this capitalist hell hole.

    Nope didnt think so mong!!!
  8. Who is this Sham character?
    He sounds like a cnut!
  9. I think he's been watching to many episodes of Citizen Smith :D
  10. "Sham is a Cunt" T shirts anyone?
  11. The idiocy of this clown is unbelievable. I do not know if he truly believes the sh1t he is spouting, but his argument is flawed on so many levels.
  12. "Power to the People!" :D

    Do you think he's read "Animal Farm"?

    I haven't.... But I've seen the film. :wink:

  13. On that note sham, if you read this, you can also fook off home to where you came from and study in one of your own universities, and claim whatever benefits and grants they will give you.
  14. Thought this sort of bollocks went out years ago, mind you flairs made a comeback!
  15. Sham can say what he wants but as far as I'm concerened he's just a fucking Asian gobshite student with no real life experience.