SHAM 69, the 'ol smelly punk rockers, are playing at one of my locals this fri night, now i know its not the full original band line-up from the great days of punk, but as I was growing up in antipodea back in those days I missed out on seeing the classic bands like SHAM live, ok, so they might not be the original deal, but then i dont need that much of an excuse to get the docs out, get liquored and jump around like a spaz on LSD. :wink:

SHAM 69 this fri at The New Tavern, Wigan.

tickets from pub £10 (may be sold out by play time)

Oi Oi.

( PS, if this sounds a tad like a blatent ad it may be 'caus i'm working on the door :p )
Saw Sham at The Roxy, WC2 - one of the best gigs I've ever seen.


Saw them at the Wickerman last year,they were pretty s hit.
I hope they are better for you.
well it was an OK gig, they went through the classics to get the crowd jumping and thier later tunes were not too bad, it wasnt as 'high energy' as they seemed that 1/4 of a century ago but they arnt exactly 'angry yoof' anymore are they? i had a good night anyway 8) . at least when i go back to NZ for my hols i can get my mates jealous by bragging about another world famous band they will never see :wink:

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