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Discussion in 'Armed Forces Pension Scheme' started by Madjock72, Mar 6, 2013.

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  1. Make a members group where people can come in ask what they will about there pension problems and collectively we can try and help and point in the right direction. I know they can do it in here but maybe we can pull together a proper solution without the wall of texts.
  2. For me personally, the greatest difficulty was/is getting information on what actually can I expect from the WP process after discharge, what are the pitfalls, is it better to prepare a brief for the Atos doctor covering all the main injuries so at least he/she has a better chance of writing something meaningful rather than damaging drivel etc. I am just saddened that proper full explanations cannot be provided before discharge and that it is left (by and large) to other ex-service personnel willing to relate their experiences and information.

    Therefore, doing a search 'war pensions' in this website gives lots of discussions and a lot of valuable advice and importantly from several perspectives. Whether a specific forum would help to enhance that life-line (not-knowing can be very distracting and in the worst scenarios - just believing some of the more extreme examples) I am unsure as most would search be either specific words or by the date order - but these forums have helped me so I would be happy to help others if I can
  3. Yeah it just most threads going downhill most of the time and people coming in for thier first time might not get the fact that in 90% of the time we are trying to give help, albeit in the arrse tradition. But most peoples hearts here are in the right area and we are trying to give the best advise we can, bloody more so than SPVA etc.
    But not all SPVA people are bad etc etc its just best to have an ex service`s point of view on the matter and that most people can understand on here what they can ask for, because as we all know SPVA dont invite claims.
  4. the problem is that only a few people would want ot join the group. lets face it most people only come on here in order to complain about the process then come back when theres some new complaint about yet another attrocity there suffering at the hands of the pension assessment system, very few people bother otherwise

    personally i fall into that group for hte most part, i'm either here to complain/update a thread or just royally effed off at something i dont regularly check the forums, often i read stuff over a few months at irregular intervals and sometimes post questions/express views or attempt to impart some knowledge in a poor fashion.
  5. I reckon everyone does that, it`s how we vent our frustration at the system. But over the past few months there is some sound advise. It just needs to streamlined into "look here/ talk too these people/ read this leaflet" then tell us how you got on and did the advise help. Other than the RBL there is not much help thats as quick as this forum.
  6. yeah true here rbl + fps are the only ways you cna getfast info and only here doesnt charge a membeship fee

    the problem with links is in the last 8 months half the links to information have terminated in a 404 or 504 error (server no longer there) as companies /govt changes how and where stuff is hosted

    its almost impossible ot link to specific pdf's on the govt websites as the system they host with prevents them from actually displaying the target doccument (thats on there new document finder system)

    we can give generic advise to help people but again the legislation is changing so fast in the last 4 years there have been 92 changes to legislation of which 14 directly affect pensions, 15 directly affect suppliments and 4 affect afcs/gip the rest affect dwp/ss stuff only (thats 92 changes to some part of the afps/war pension/afcs or dwp social security stuff)

    anything we post on here as advise is likely to be out of date in the very near future if that pace keeps up (and i'm not even includeing the pip/uni cred stuff) then its going ot need a dedicated troll who understands all of the junk being produced and what/how it affects us old fogies (ok some of us are clearly not that old but just as decrepid) if your up for that then by all means take it on but personally i might make offerings at random time scales but i wont tie myslef down ot somethign i wouldnt be able to fulfill
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    What it needs is someone who knows all the various links of useful information to put it together in one new thread, if that was done I'd stick it. Ive done it in other forum I moderate & if someone then asks a question in there I move it to it's own thread so as not to gum up the works with individual stories.
  8. I think, as identified on the other thread, that you can know about AFCS post 2005, or you can know about WP post 2001 (in my case) or you can know about old WP stuff going back to 1970's and 80"s and up to 1997 when, apparently, lots of changes were made.

    Or you can be stuck as pig in the middle (Escotia, neither in one or out of one scheme).

    The more I learn the less I know (and for those that know me that one hell of an admission).

    The SPVA website offers a wealth of information but little actionable process. One would think that the BLESMA web site would be a good starting point but it seems to concentrate on what great things the disabled are doing. Maybe they to are scared of stepping into the SPVA / DWP minefield of one set of advice contradicting the other.

    My experience of SPVA (as an offshore user) has been good, it is very clear that others have not enjoyed the same experience. Frankly I cannot fathom how an organisation can treat some well and others dreadfully.

    It may be a question of approach or knocking at the wrong door but I agree that they, of all organisations, should be the one stop shop where all (whatever scheme you are on) can go to get a straight answer, concerns sorted and payments made in a clear and simple way.

    I wonder if anyone in SPVA would be brave enough to join such a discussion?
  9. rather than being about the wrong door its more about timeing, of course attitude goes a long way but the volume of work coupled withthe number of staff and the changes to useing the dwp system (then backtracking into spva) the re-org of the va and the spa and the assignement of duties (the va used to be controlled by the dwp working guide only) theres been a big problem wiht re-writing the sheme admin notes as well

    in the coming years there will doubtless be a change of government (even if the oposition are useless wasters unableto produce a viable policy of any sort) based on the fact all the poor will vote for the bigger paycheck in the short term thinking, meanign we will get screwed some more (labours core policy is money for the maintenance of defence is money wasted)

    the system according to the coveneant "should" look after those not as able to look afterthemsleves but all too often there left to slip away and muddle along, indeed we only ever here of the sucess stories or the wasters but rarely hear of those struggeling to get by unable to get help or uninformed of how to get that help

    if the country is lucky and were lucky as vets the tories will remain in power for another term when this one runs out and manage to put everything in order with some sort of underlying protection going forward but i suspect they will find soemthign else to champion and capture the public's vote with as supporting "our boys" has been running for a rather long time.

    a new pony will be needed to demonstrate how good they are, were already seeing it with slapping the bankers into straight jackets (a bit bloody late mind you) on wage policy restrictions, were seeing a glimmer of the disabled championing (those that watch bbc daytime tv will be famillier with saints and scroungers)

    if the status quo we hav eachieved thus far is maintaned then we will be able to establish over the coming months exactly whats what and run with it, but for new awards /pending awards things are still up in the air a bit because were informing each other faster or at the same pace as the help organisations are workign it out
  10. You're going to have to stop posting sensible things, you'll get a name for yourself!
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  11. I doubt it, it would be suicide to do such a thing even in any official capacity.
  12. Bowmore_Assassin

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    Join the Armed Forces Pension Society. £30 a year. Job done.

    They really do understand all the rules and regs.

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  13. They do and they do not, yes on most things but they really had no idea about a reserve pension awarded as a result of having been Med Dis from TA. I pay my 30 per annum but not sure what they do after answering your first few questions. Pennant is a good read as are the newsletters but they are not on top of changes to WP / WDP and AFCS any more than us. If they were, and given that they do respond to some posts on here, they would have provided chapter and verse or a link to it by now.
  14. We do not normally interject on questions relating to compensation for attributable conditions/injuries as that is something that the Royal British Legion lead on.
  15. Do they sponsor the site as well?

    So which bit of War Pension is not a pension? Or is the FPS only interested in the the ones that are are able?

    WP and WDP are not compensation, AFCS is termed that way but many get payments that look just like a...pension.

    Crap answer that appears to have been written by a lawyer, no more subscriptions from me!!!!