Shale Gas-End of Russian stranglehold on gas markets?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by HectortheInspector, Apr 13, 2010.

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  1. There has been a lot of quiet development in the USA on extracting deep 'shale gas' deposits. Now the stuff is showing up all over Western Europe.
    The Kremlin's ability to turn the taps on and off might be numbered.

    "The Russian business daily Kommersant reported on Tuesday that Poland could become the largest gas supplier for Europe following the discovery of large reserves of shale in the Central European country.

    If Poland's gas resources are proved, total gas reserves in Europe will jump 47% and European shale gas extraction projects would pose a serious threat to Russian energy giant Gazprom in the next ten years, the paper said."
  2. More money for Scotland then :)

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  3. Maybe you can pay for your own prescriptions then!
  4. No no no, gas and oil are running out.
    Don't go usetting the greenapplecart by telling us we have plenty of fossil fuel for energy, you saw how long the environmental dodgey data thread ran for......
  5. we still do :roll:
  6. Poland who just had most of their Government and General Staff killed in an air crash in Russia?

  7. A new record! 20 minutes from first post to putting on tin foil hat!
    (Or should that be 'Putin' on tin foil hat?) :)
  8. Perhaps it will save us from having to send troops to Afghanistan to protect the TAPI pipeline then..
  9. Nothing wrong with becoming ecological and making maximum use of our resources in the mean time mind....

    A house that is well insulatd and backed up by solar, ground array and similar doesn't need as much energy from the suppliers = cheap.
  10. Good there is still an army presence in Germany then, just incase the Polish gas fields need liberating in the near future.....
  11. Are we sure it's not just a big stash of Zyklon B?
  12. To be fair I think they are two separate things - I'd be the first to agree that the lack of oil/oil substitutes issue is something of a Malthusian red herring - you only have to look at what Germany managed to do with coal in WW2. It doesn't follow that pumping the bi-product of burning the stuff into the atmosphere is a good idea though.
  13. Looks like those much-vaunted renewables may be a little late on parade;

    Vanishing turbines
  14. Until to many people do this and the suppliers start to lose money then put the price up = not cheap anymore.
  15. Seems like the US EIA have released a bit of a "gamechanging" report:

    Shale gas WOW moment