To booze or not to booze

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As with most squaddies (current and ex), i'm quite partial to a few pints of an evening. Wife beater has been my poision for quite a while now as I can't stomach that pish weak crap most places try pass off as Larger - must be something to do with getting too attached to Wobbly in my younger days. :)

Unfortunately, I have recently noticed that my evening escapades have resulted in me starting to shake the following morning. Now this is not simply a bit of a quiver in the fingers, but rather an all over body spasm type thing. It's fecking ridiculous, if it weren't for the fact that i'm not some septic dwarf tosser, people would be confusing me for Michael J Fox. 8O

Now my question is, should i take it easy this weekend and attempt to get back to some form of normality for Monday, or should i stop whingeing like a bitch and get back on it?
Obviously if you shake after drinking, you didn't drink enough. Consumption of alcohol must continue until a coma is achieved. The morning after throw yourself in a cold shower, and blame the shaking on that.
As if you need to ask this question, Drink until you are blind then you won't know if you are shaking or drink coffee and hand your MOD 90 in on the way out.
Drink with the opposite hand ..... will cause anti-phase shaking which will cancel original shaking.

Shakes stop ... you still get a beers down your gish ... we don't call you a wuss

win-win I think
I have a cunning idea!

Drink more! now this is not as stupid as it first sounds, as i understand it you have drink related shakes yes?


drink more and you'll be able to attain the Mecca of wanks the effort free wank!

you may need to Velcro you hand to your gland but I’m sure the effort will pay off.

Good luck fella!
#6 are being a right RLC tanker driver mate! Get some early rounds down range and fight through!!
Id give it a rest if I was you, next your kindeys'll start to hurt and then you'll be on the transplant list.

2 weeks off then hit it hard again
If the uncontrollable shaking is accompanied by drooling then I know what your problem is!

Your turning into a mong 8O

When you get to the stage where you have an irresistible urge to tongue panes of glass there will be no turning back. Change your name to Joey Deacon by deed poll and prepare to be abused by arrsers.


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