Shake that mahoosive ass

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by The_0ne, Mar 15, 2007.

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  1. Oh my god :pukel:
  2. That is just not a clever look. As they say ........ wrong on so many levels!
  3. Imagine the sweaty, undiscovered delights hiding under those rolls! MMMmmmm, roll-jam!
  4. Anyone notice the nice plant in the background :D

    Come on then own up, how many pints to hit it
  5. The one.You would'nt,Would you???
  6. I've just experienced a new sensation....

    I've never felt sea sick at home before :pale: :puker:
  7. Im afraid my knob isnt big enough to go beyond the cellulite
  8. Bout time the misses went out and earned her keep :thumright: What do mean fat, she's lost a shit load of weight :blowkiss:
  9. Oh. My. God.
  10. And it would be like humping a (stagnant) water bed :plotting:
  11. Yeah but ten pints of "stella act a twat" later and wha hey....... :numberone:

    Just think of the sweatty,musky, fishy,cheesy.....

    :pukel: :tp:

    "Lemon for the fish or pickle for the cheese?"
  12. 10 pint and i would have put them out of their missery with my fist :threaten:
    When they where dead tough :headbang: i would.

    BTW: Does anybody know where i can get a decent rape kit these days?
    Mine is a bit w(h)orn-out.
    And not that Webtex shoite
  13. yes yes yes............................ finished.
  14. Who needs a handbag when you can pop everything you own into that crack? You may have trouble finding it again ("Excuse me, I'm sorry to bother you, but I seem to have dropped my laptop down my crack. Would you be so kind as to pop your head in there and have a look for it for me, only I can't quite reach around?")