Shaibah Log Base

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by dml87, May 19, 2006.

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  1. Can any1 out there give me a heads up oon slb,ie falicity if any etc, cheers
  2. It's big and full of Loggies.

    Think Butlins in the Desert.
  3. Shaibiza?
  4. subway, pizza hut, a proper naffi with full english brekkies, an efi shop full of ice cream, tailors shop, trinket shops everywhere, and another small cafe, phones, tinternet etc

    paradise in the desert and no mortars flinging about

    pity i was at the shatt al arab hotel eh better than osb though though the palace has got a swimmin pool
  5. Although the google earth image is old, not a very bright idea putting the grid ref on there eh?

    Perhaps the mods can sort this?
  6. Good idea Nige, after all the cream of Al Quida will never think of putting "shaibah, iraq" or "shaibah airport" into google earth when recceing their next half arsed mortar attack.

    This is a massive security breach and should be edited asap!
  7. Why not, it's not like anyone can miss the fecking place, hardly the worlds biggest secret or anything, nor is it that a potential enemy couldn't just use google earth from home/wherever and locate it after about five minutes work.

    There's pictures of the place lurking around here somewhere and the rest of the net.
  8. Don't forget the milkshakes in the ECOS, one of the bigger moral boosters out there!
  9. good news was that all the mortar rounds were out going! Full of monkeys with fukc all else better to do than nick you for speeding
  10. Sub-way cookies on tap, in the rear with a shite load of gear!
  11. You can go further rear... BAS!! Even more people with to much time on their hands (and to many people with a lot of rank and nothing to do!).
  12. true, and alot of Americans
  13. And some Italians, and about 4 Japs with their Humvee that was always parked in the same spot and neevr seemed to move!

    Edited for crap typing!
  14. & at least 1 million concrete blocks that had to be escorted all the way fron Kuwait!
  15. And the dodgy "Aiming Patches" all over their gear........And more 4*4's than a point to point meet!