Shaibah Cover Ups

Discussion in 'Professionally Qualified, RAMC and QARANC' started by Boredwithsun, Nov 19, 2004.

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  1. :( My mates currently serving with the Force Protection unit at SLB. Recently they have had an ND, which was covered up. More worrying is the fact one of their Sgt's had his coffee spiked with MYagra (a newer form of Viagra) he ended up in hospital for 24hrs. They had been buying the tablets from Iraqi workers, the tablets contained traces of speed. Needless to say neither RMP or SIB have been called in. Their BC is scared that the bad publicity will effect his promotion!!!!
  2. If the guy was admitted then the Doctor/medical staff have no obligation to inform the RMPs, as the patient has strict confidentiality.

    However, if the BC knows that this happened, then he has a duty to inform the RMP.

    Don't blame the medics in SLB, they have a strict code of practice to work from.
  3. Ventress

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    What happens behind the screens, stays behind the screens, aye D-L!
  4. True but the sounds I produced gave it all away :roll:
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    I suppose that was more of a liquid gurgle! :wink:
  6. Too much information surely? :D
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    It is RAMC legend.
  8. I intend to write a book about my exploits behind those screens :wink:
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    Make sure I am portrayed as the dashing young hero who saves the day and gets the girl! 8)
  10. An unhelpful post if the smelly-socks get a hold of it. These sort of rumours can easily be fabricated to attract undue attention by a disgruntled member of the unit.

    Moderator are you out there?
  11. do you want the fat EFI bird or the slapper who did a show for the engineers?
  12. Venty isn't fussy, either will do :wink:
  13. :oops:Don't you mean Flipper, no wonder Force Protection are taking Iraqi Viagra!!!!
  14. Most likely all bolocks anyway!
  15. No names, no pack drills please :roll: