Shahid Malik Inquiry - a whitewash?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by bobthedog, Jun 11, 2009.

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  1. Amazing, he was the last minister to be referred to the parliamentary commissioner for standards, yet he is cleared before McNulty, Smith, Blears etc. He even managed to be cleared despite not presenting documentation to the commissioner.

    Funny how new allegations that he is a thieving trough occupying Minister have emerged again today the day after he is promoted by Cyclops who pledged only yesterday to clean up politics.
  2. You old cynic you!
  3. Whitewash and steamrollered through by Gordo, and didn't he get a caution of "have some receipts next time". Cleaning up politics is great when you have people to choose from, but when you have nothing left in the cupboard its very hard hence the come back kids and the toadies!
  4. Sorry but did you really think that the most expensive Mp out of all the MP's would have anything less than no further action.
  5. Alsacien

    Alsacien LE Moderator

    Young Brownites who provide the tick in the minority box as a bonus are not easy to come by.....but not only is he a fiddler, his arrogance really grates.
    Brown would sell his soul right now for loyal cronies, Malik could blag a couple of post offices and get away with it at the moment.
  6. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    Especially as he's one of the only cnuts that we VOTED for who's prepared to stand in Broon's cabinet. Nobody else who's been elected seems too fussed right now.

    If that means making him, erm, whiter-than-white for the purpose of getting him into the cabinet, then so be it.

    Ethics, decency, honesty in gobment - not words that matter to cyclops anymore. Just as 'election', 'winning', 'support', and 'trust' are words that are not used by anyone when discussing Broon or Labour.

    Quite simply, Gordon and Labour have so far removed themselves from the 'electorate equation' that we and they might as well be different species, in different galaxies.

    He is not even going to consider us (the electorate) or our needs, or demands, in his machinations of government. We are WAY down the list after the Labour party itself, which scores pretty lowly anyway.

    So, what's he thinking about how he might get away with keeping Malik on the payroll? He's thinking "who the fcuk cares? I sure don't!"
  7. ''Whitewash?''.Is that racist?
  8. I hope not or that pikey c*nt Huckleberry Finn is going to get filled in when Injun Joe gets him. He's painted ever f*ckers fence with it, the little b*stard.
  9. For a party that is full of incompetants they are really good at getting things to go their way.

    Controlling the Met, the CPS, all the CS administering government and now the supposedly independent Sir Philip Mawer.
  10. You are spot on there 'whet', absolutely correct.

    'Stalin' likes controlling things. I wouldn't mind wagering that he is in contact with Ahmadinejad asking how to fix an election!

    Has there been an Inquiry since the grinning spiv Bliar seized power that has NOT been a whitewash? Answers on a postcard please.
  11. I'm disappointed that they think we'll swallow this rubbish. No receipts, audit trail and nothing documented. For an MP and junior minister, isn't his a bit suspcious? Oh and spouting Muslim values. :roll: Remind me which religion the Taliban follow :?

    Shameful and I suspect that Mr Malik just might be on the end of a very vicious BNP campaign come the general election
  12. Tthat little line "he is not even going to consider the electorate" is too right, just watch the shenanegans with postal voting declaring a Labout outright win in a lot of areas.....perhaps Malik is back in so that he can be in charge of all the voting fiddles????? am I cynical? I think not...worried is more like!
  13. Could this be the same Shahid Malik who was filmed giving it 'Do you know who I am?' when US Customs tried to search his bags on arrival in Washington? The very same champion of diversity who announced 'It's because I is black' when he arrived back in the UK and demanded that our embassy in Washington raise a complaint with the US government?