Discussion in 'Armed Forces Jokes' started by Seahag, Mar 31, 2011.

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  1. Was shagging a bird the other night , and she said "dont put it up my arse!" I had to explain its tradional for the person holding the knife to make those decisions!
  2. fuck me not more shit, are you transcribing the entire bumper book of crap jokes onto the site or what?
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  3. I tried my new chat up line in a bar in Barnstable, do you shag on the first night? she said no, but i will suck your dick!!!!!
  4. Statistics say women think they are smarter than men because they can fake orgasms for the sake of the the relationship. Men say "Big fucking deal, try faking a relationship just for the shag"
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  5. You know what i think about women who don't like rape jokes,

    Fuck em!
  6. It got passionate and she said.."Fuck me in the shithole."

    No fucking way was I driving all the way to Liverpool.
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  7. I see Moodybitch is living up to the name then
  8. That wasn't funny or original in Feb, what makes you think it is now?
  9. Are you some sort of fucking retard, or are you reiterating the joke because you loved it so much!
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  10. Yes mate it is, you REally should not give up your day job! :)
  11. Hahahahaha