Shagging your step sister???...

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by numbered_3, Jul 7, 2006.

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  1. ...I had the 'pleasure' of doing this last Jan the night before i went to the sandpit! Consequently i broke her and she let me smash her back doors in!
    Went back to battalion feeling like a right jedi! But kinda sick at the same time.
    Am i a wrongun or given the chance would anybody else do their's?
  2. Nah, theres no blood connection, so it isn't.

    Its going to make Christmas a bit shit, but New Year a lot better!
  3. I have two step-sisters, neither of which is unattractive.

    But no. Wrong, so wrong wrong.
  4. Nah i always get great satistfaction at family dinners when i can look across at her boyfriend and think 'Ive smashed your bird'!
    Hopefully the thought wont come to mind when ive had abit of the devil's brew down me and announce it in front of the family!
    Then i could imagine it would make Christmas's Slightly akward :D
  5. You're right. It is wrong. (Should be whom, not which). :lol:
  6. as long as the relative doesn't call you "son",it doesn't matter.--yee ha, ya all come back now,heah.
  7. Actually, Witch is probably more appropriate.

    And it's 0100 and i'm pissed. Forgiveness is begged. :)
  8. Numbered 3, Good effort.......

    Tell her mum, as you mount her
  9. Ummmm doing stepsisters is now legally incest if I remember correctly.

    Think the legislation was changed quite recently.

    Sex offenders register and a nonces badge for you!
  10. I've just come a cross a site that claims the rule to be that numbered_3 and his step-sister have to be" over 21. Also, the younger person must not have been treated as a child of the older person's family and never, under the age of 18, lived under the same roof as the older person."

    But this is irrelevant. What numbered_3 hasn't mentioned is that she was only 8 years old and it cost him a tube of Smarties. (He got a discount because he's family).
  11. I believe that is only the case if she became your stepsister before the age of 18 years. May be wrong.
  12. It costs everyone else a peice of Dairylea.
  13. My X always wanted to do his step sister and I used to pi$$ him off by telling him I would too. I also used to tell him I would also do Kirsty thingy from locational location and Charlotte church poor bugger was never sure wiether I was joking on or not.

    Just for the record I am 100% straight I just have incrediably good taste in women :wink:
  14. That Kirsty-bird looks like someone who still sleeps with her teddies and would happily wear mittens connected with string.

    Still, it'd be like legal paedophelia, I suppose.
  15. I don't have step sisters - Can I borow yours?