Shagging the wives of serving officers

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Tobers, Jan 17, 2012.

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  1. If a serving member of the Armed Forces slept with the wife of another serving member of the Armed Forces, would they face any professional or personal consequences? I'm think particularly of a General sleeping with a Brigadier's wife.
  2. Probably a glass of whiskey for having bothered.
  3. No that's quite normal and accepted behaviour, nothing to see here.

    Normally when you get to those ranks the Brigadier would be shagging the General or vice versa.
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  4. Depends on whether there was a van and a hammer involved.
  5. I've fucked a Navy Lt commanders wife, an ex RSMs wife and an environmental techs wife.

    I didn't get struck down by lightening, but then I didn't get caught.

    The rule is as long as its not your own capbadge all is fair game

    My only regret... not having "You've been visited by the Royal Marines" stickers to leave in various places
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  6. I think you had a go on my ex missus- she said it was like a cock, except smaller.
  7. I believe the stickers say 'I've met the Royal Marines' with a cheeky little green hatted fellow grinning away. There's 6 of them on the back of your mum's headboard.
  8. Business as usual, being ragged to fuck by a bit of rough whenever she likes, is one of the few official perks granted to officers wives. It's supposed to be done discretely, not over a shopping trolly in the NAAFI car park and not near the twitching curtains of the officers patch. The garrison riding school is often a popular venue, most horses now prefer the taste of hay with a few condoms mixed in.

    I did get sent down to the Falklands twice at short notice after being discovered in similar indiscretions, that made the hierarchy feel a bit better about it, until they realised that I was shagging around down there as well. After they received the news that I had wangled myself three extra weeks in Ascension island (easy if you happen to be shagging the pert little RAF PA to the Commander British Forces there) quick tours went out of fashion somewhat.
  9. Thanks, I've just remembered where I left my cockring.
  10. Didn't stop HRH Charles her old man was a brigadier matter of fact hes getting promoted for it.
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  11. Lower down the foodchain I remember a certain fairly useless REME Sgt who shot suddenly up the promotion ladder without passing go (or the Tiffy board) and he definately had a get out of Jail free card. Last seen as an inefective ASM with one leg rolled up and a new apron nudging his way to a commision. His secret, the secret of his mercurial rise and all his later postings. His missus was getting it from a red tab and he kept his trap shut.
  12. Sorry, mate, I know this is the NAAFI, but I call bollocks on that.
  13. I shagged a female ACF captain when I was a JNCO, she was fucking honking, bad acne on her back and wonky tits. She was married to a regular Officer from 2 LI, she was really shit in bed to, me however, I was awesome and put in a fantastic effort, her ugly dish put me off firing my bolt for ages, it was only when I turned her over and gave it one from the back did I shoot my load, then I tried to use her acne as Join the dots game with my fat splashes.
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  14. And this year's Booker Prize for the most erotic prose goes to........................... :)
  15. It takes time to get that far up the promotion ladder so any General or brigadier is probably well past the sowing wild oats stage. By the same token his wife will probably be past her best before date aswell. Now if you had saked about young squaddies getting inside of senior ranks daughters, that might have brought out a few embarrassing stories.

    Being equal oppertunities the Navy can post about bumming the admirals son if they want.