Shagging at Pirbright?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by TartanTrooper, Mar 26, 2010.

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  1. Just wondering if there was/is a lot of shagging going on at pirbright, either between recruits or between instructer and recruit. Obviously if you cant post it then PM me please :)

    cheers lads
  2. Grow up.
  3. Are you taking the piss 8O
  4. No seriously, reading dollys thread and a few others it makes me think theres a lot going on, is there?
  5. For you, maybe. You'll get a seven foot tall, ex Rugby professional Cpl smashing your arse cheeks every night. If you're really lucky.
  6. What the fcuk? We have a professional army idiot
  7. As a recruit? You wont have time!

    Or the energy
  8. If I was still there I'd have given you some internal kidney bruising. :evil:
    Can't wait to read your 100th post.
  9. You really need to have a word with yourself if that is one of the key questions playing on your mind about an ATR before you get there.
  10. Im not going there im going to winchester, but i have read a few posts about people shagging while they have been in training ,such as dollys fack slat thread, and wondered if it happened a lot or if its just bullshit or only happened "back in the day" and been stopped now?
  11. I could shag you good and 'ard if you'd like my little crumpet :wink:
  12. Top news lad. There will always be shagging at ATR's... you will be told to get a shagging move on, you shagging ugly little mothershagger.
  13. We had a bloke back squadded for it, aint worth it.
  14. Wasn't he very good at it?? I don't recall be appraised of my shagging skills and drill during phase 1 :(
  15. Didnt even give me a reach around! Hence week one day one