Shagged zips

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by BBear, May 26, 2006.

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  1. BBear

    BBear LE Reviewer

    I have a problem with the zips on my bergan.

    A rocket pouch decided to take objection to my bergan earlier, which is somewhat annoying as I'm being packhorse for a wee trek over the weekend and I prefer using army kit. Weirdo I know! 8)

    I've borrowed a spare, but I'd like to get mine fixed - so does anyone know where I can get spare zips, and would I need to go to a saddlers to get it fixed? I'm MK based if that helps.

  2. Try your local QM with 5325-99-132-3879 fastener, slide, interlock, think thats storeeese for zip.
  3. Sign one out of the QM's, swap it and return the broken one. Be a good lad and tell the QM that it's broken so that it doesn't get re-issued.

    Oops, can't believe I really said that. But then again, if you're "improving your level of TA fitness in your own time"....

    If you go down the route of getting it fixed yourself, once you've got the zip, take it to a good old-fashioned shoe repairer (NOT a heel bar) as they will have heavy-duty long-arm sewing machines.

    Oh, bugger! You said MK, where there's no old-fashioned anything. ;) A trip to Bedford may be in order.
  4. BBear

    BBear LE Reviewer

    Ah...sorry, forgot to mention I'm not army, so any QM route might be a bit tricky...:p Never did get round to doing the TA route, my local unit didn't appear to be that enthusied with a potential officer. Which sucks, but there's always next year when I'm heading off to sunny, sunny Birmingham!

    Right, shoe repairer tomorrow. And there is an old fashioned shoe repair place in Milton Keynes, it's just in the dark and dingy bit in the shopping centre!
  5. Don't forget, you need to get the zip first. The zips that a shoe repairer can supply will probably be the sort that is fixed at one end and also will probably be metal. Short of surfing the internet, I can't think off-hand where you will get the right type at the right length.

    Then again, it will still fasten on without the zip.

    Let us know if you're successful, as I've got an old OG bergen with a similar problem.
  6. BBear

    BBear LE Reviewer

    Hmm. Ok, will do.
  7. I have a shagged zip, right on the front of my issued's a bugger as I have to stick my wash kit/boot stuff in there and it just fly's open at any given time. Lucky I have only lost a few things (minor stuff) :)
  8. wont the qm just issue a replacement if its shagged?
  9. Not if he's a civvy :roll: although you could always ask, QM's are normally happy-go-lucky kind of blokes who like to help out where they can, especially civvies who need bergen zips replacing ...

    If he's military then I'd suggest going to his CQ first rather than bother the most senior soldier in the Bn, but that's probably just me being old-fashioned ...

    Or try taking/posting it for repair to HM Supplies in the Shot if you can't exchange it, failing that just go and buy the civvy equivalent and leave the military kit to soldiers ...
  10. not the ones i have known! they had the attitude that "stores are for storing and not for replacing damaged/broken kit"!
  11. sell it on Ebay as "used sasssssss kit" and buy another one.......... :)
  12. BBear

    BBear LE Reviewer

    Mate I would, but I happen to like the layout of the Bergan as I find it quite comfy and I'd struggle to find a backpack of a similar size and durablity without breaking the bank.

    Of course, I could just bimble to the local TAC and follow your kind advice :p
  13. Errm ... I think you've completely missed the irony in my post, I guess it kind of shows exactly how clueless you are about life in the Army in general ... when are you joining as an Offr anyway ?
  14. FFS you're getting confused again. You keep referring to your form tutors and caretakers as QM's and RQ's. Just to go firm here - you are a civilian are you not?
  15. Call me a bluff old traditionalist, but isn't the normal course of action to join the Army first and then start posting on Arrse, using a bergen and all the other military type stuff you seem to be doing ... ?