Shagged a Thai Prozzie

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by Chimpy.., May 29, 2007.

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  1. Well i went to Thailand but the guy I was supposed to meet never showed (or I got the wrong bar). However, I had sex with a prostitute for the first time in my life. Honestly, Thailand is great. It's dead cheap. I did a bit of Thai Boxing and met some backpakers who I went drinking with at night. I also bought a well fit Thai Prozzie on my first night who went round with me all holiday.

    When I first got the prozzie, I was a bit nervous cos I felt like I was under pressure. When she took my poants down she went "ooooh you long!" which was a bit of a dig because I know it isn't true. I struggled to get a boner after this and was scared of her experience. But i tell you what this bird knew her stuff, she made me feel right at ease and did wonders with her tongue. After I got used to the idea of paying a starving, desperate woman a pittance for sex It was fantastic. We shagged all night long. I kept her all holiday and we shagged all the time. When we weren't shagging she tidied my apartment up (how f'ucking great is that) and I took her out with the backpakers when we went drinking. It was awesome and I think I love her. i can't stop thinking about her.

    Thai women are so much better than English women.
  2. Did 'she' have anything that most women don't have?

    like a willy?
  3. wah! got to be
  4. Strange, when I was out there back packers didn't, as a general rule, like the idea of prostitutes or throwing money around.
  5. Have a look at his name it may give you a clue.
  6. I'll be honest, can see why people said it got a bit dull when you went. you do liven things up a bit.
  7. Welcome back Chimpy. This is one of your good ones. Let's hope you stick to a higher quality of wahs
  8. Thai women are so much better than English women.

    You obviously speak from great experience . First time with a prostitute or first time with a woman. Or a load of Bollox.
  9. Whats a wah ? a type of prostitute.

  10. Class!!
  11. Chimpy your at it again! Is this where you met you dad with the wierd SAS type? Also I think you will find that his name was tink tonk, and he can give you the man love that you so crave!
  13. Be warned:[​IMG]
  14. Now these back packers - what were they packing? - backs?
  15. The Massage Palours are excellant value....."you like special" ooh you cum lot your Chimpy.a man of equal thinking