Shag your way to a passport……..

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Greengrass, Jan 3, 2006.

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  1. I notice that the story surfaced in The Scum Chip Wrapper........
  2. I,ve always said I,ve nothing against imigration so long as the birds are fit & put it about a bit . All the blokes and munters can fcuk off back to where they come from. Lets hear it for the imigration service !!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Regards LT.
  3. A former employee told the Sun tabloid said that workers at the centre in Croydon, south London, used their influence to seduce pretty asylum seekers whereas "ugly" migrants would see their applications rejected.

    What the fcuks wrong with that??? I swear some people are as bent as silly string.
  4. I think that the brave men of the immigration service are doing sterling work selflessly shagging fit birds and sending away munters for there country. They probably don’t enjoy it and would rather be gardening or something.
  5. I'm a little annoyed -- dare I say insulted -- that nobody even offered me the option! 8O :evil:
  6. I for one salute them all. Dont Worry, as you walk through the valley of the shadow of death. You shall feel no evil because I will be there in about twenty minutes to help square some of them away... Just gotta drop my Missus off at her mums first!!!
  7. Immigration , it's a bloody awful job but someone has to do it :D

    Tankies - The only reason you didn't get offered some fine Home Office Lurvin' , is because you don't look down all demure when you're addressed , and offer to "Love you long time and do your laundry"
  8. Long time ago, in a land then called Malaya, the Pioneer & Labour civil recruitment people knew of no other way to assess, say, civil typists and clerks etc. than by taking them for what they called 'road testing' in Malacca.
    Can't now remember how many we rounded up but it ran into double figures. Great fun - not only the military discipline angle but the pukka mem'sahibs were also exceedingly dischuffed.
    Theory was they felt safe as there was a traffic sign on boundary that said "No hooting in Malacca"
  9. Maybe we could organise a deal with other countries imigration departments (I'm thinking Spain - mostly), wherby when fat Sandra and her mates go for their anual 2 week outing to Benidorm, the Spanish take their passports, thereby forcing them to stay there, give it a couple of years and there will only be godesses left in good 'ol blighty :D
  10. Well, at least the IS should'nt have any problems with recruitment in the near future!
    Whatever happend to the new Border Police Agency that was supposed to be set up? Has that gone the way of the "New Ranger Unit"?
  11. They are only doing what their old boss used to do........good old blind Pew.
  12. yeah saw this in the Scum today, its just like Ali G when he only lets the fit ones in!
  13. I see nowt wrong with it - I'm sure they're only doing it to help raise the quality of the gene pool a bit :lol:

    Or was that what Hitler was doing??? 8O
  14. Having graced the inside of these establishments (work related, not looking for a passport) I can confirm that about 90% of the woman working there have taken a sound beating from the ugly stick (some twice on Sundays!). I bet they have done the same thing to young Jaun the tanned and toned goat hurd from the mountains :lol: