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Shag the sister in law ?

Shall I shag the sister in law

  • yes

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  • no...yeah go on then

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Is she younger than your missis and therefore reminds you of that first special bum sex session ?

Go on then, it'll be fine.......can I shag your missis ?
Is she any good? I'm sorry but was this not an invite to shag your sister-in-law? I apologise if this was not the case. As I'll probably be giving her sister one at the same time, does it really matter?
I suppose it depends on whether you have a conscience or not ! Whether a bit of fun is worth ripping apart a family.

Get her smashed and do absolutely the most depraved things you can think of. If you are going to cause a family split it might as well be for good reason.
Live your life by the axiom of "Don't shit where you live".

So as long as you're not living with your sister in law, back scuttle her until her blood orange goes supernova. As has already been said if you're going to fuck up your marriage, make it worthwhile. I've always regretted splitting up with the first Mrs TMW over coming back late from the pub, when a few months previously I could have spaffed my wad up her quiet-as-a-mouse-but-fucking gorgeous younger sister, but didn't.

Like the wee girly cowardy spanker that I was.
I did my sister it caused a huge row in my family, my mother didn’t speak to me for years. I eventually spoke to my brother and I explained I didn’t know at the time it would cause so much distress to the family. He explained that her funeral was not the most appropriate time to show my "love" for her. :oops:
mistersoft said:
I don't suppose you've considered giving the brother in law one as well?
No I haven't considered shagging the brother in law, I don't even shag ladies up the bottom and I consider men that do to be latent hermers.

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