Shaft Dies with help from Ukalelies

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by londonirish, Aug 15, 2008.

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  1. I am sorry to report that Isaac Hayes, the super cool composer of Shaft, has died.

    The Ukelle Orchestra of Great Britain has even done a cover version of his greatest composition, Shaft, which can be heard here
  2. Ukalelies?

    That just looks wrong LI!!!???

    Feck knows, I grew up wi family playing ukele, banjo n ukele-banjo plus spoons and thimble n washboard....

    Will check the linky next - got the awfy feeling I should've done that first...
  3. What utter pish!!!!

    But I like their style/being brave enough to do their own version of it.

    But that Scot's lass? Her accent gave me a stiffy!!! :D The hoors in Edinburgh HATE me...

    "Just talk to me hen, tell me what day it is and what time it is..."

    "Fab!!! Cheers doll - here's a fiver" :D
  4. wow, you mean Paul might ne next?

    With that bit of bad news, I'm off to bed.
  5. That's why its funny son, because they're so daft, and love being stupid, which is what we all fought for, isn't it?...reference your last, if you stop visiting the hoors, they'll love you more, since they tell me you are a bad customer.
  6. You Cant (which is polite arrse spelling for "YOU C*NT!!!)

    So that's why I got a discount!!!!! :D