I'm looking for a bit of advice really, I've made the decision to join the regulars (I'm currently in the TA) and I've decided to go for the Royal Engineers.

I've got my heart set on Surveyor or Design Draftsman, however the recruiter said that I will be shadowing as I don't have a C grade science GCSE but got a double D. I've checked the army jobs website but it states that the only qualification you need are 3 GCSEs in Maths, English and one other. I've got 7 GCSEs at a grade C or higher and 4 A-levels, I got 71 on the BARB test and level 2 on the numeracy and literacy tests. My 1.5 mile run time is around 9.20

If I go for these trades will I be at a disadvantage because I'm shadowing? Or will I stand the same chance as anyone else?

just go for it fella, good luck.
Just go for it mate. Many moons ago when I joined, I didnt have the right quals to be a sparkie and they said I'd probably fail. I didnt, however the guy I joined with that was qualified up the yin yang did.
Shadowing = Shading reference, dont know why you would need one of them to be honest only used if you dont meet the academic requirements for a particular job. i.e you want to be a plumber but you dont have the required c grades at GCSE's but you have an NVQ Lvl 3 in Electrcal installation so we would ask the engineers to use nvq instead of GCSE's to give you the job (Shading Reference) You would still need to meet all other requirements like barb tst though.

Getting a shading reference bears no impact on ADSC, training etc.

Make sure your maths is up to speed for the TST at ADSC.

Good luck and remember the Sappers are Gods Corp !!!!!!!
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