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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by WilliamHall, Jan 9, 2012.

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  1. Im one day too old for junior entry and i spoke to my recruiter about it she said that ive not to worry bout it as im have a 'special shading reference' .. anyone care to enlighten me as to what it is ? Thanks.
  2. You could try asking the recruiter who told you.
  3. you know i wish i had, but i dont want to phone up the office again and be a pest
  4. Give them a call, they won't bite your head off. Just ask them to clarify what "special shading" means.
  5. She's paid to do a job, part of which is helping potential recruits with questions. What is she going to do, pop round to yours and give you a spanking? Make the call.
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  6. Thanks ill give them a call
  7. She will alter(shade) the data (age criteria) that prevents TRHJ from giving you the green tick that allows you to proceed.Simply,she is going to tell a lie on your behalf to a computer because she thinks you're worth it.No big deal and nothing to worry about.

    Did you think it was a racial thing ?
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  8. :clap:
  9. "Shading" refers to your ability to spell correctly and puncuate a sentance. Your shading is very special and needs extra work!
  10. A shading reference is sought if you dont meet the eligability requirements for that entrant and can be asked for all matter of things including height, age, qualifications etc. As I had already explained to you in IM at the weekend that you had hit the upper age for JE on Sunday as you were exactly 17:5 and would be too old for Harrogate if you hadn't made that date unless RG made an exception if an OP Rocket suddenly became available. Your recruiter has obviously pre empted this and sought a special shading for you obviously you will now be over that 17:5 limit more than likely RG has taken into consideration that you would of attested on the day you turned 17:5 if had started on the intake so if an OP Rocket place does come available this week you have been given a massive Brucey Bonus and owe your Recruiter a big cream cake as direction had come a few months ago that no one to be enlisted even if a day over 17:5 as JE. hope you get a call for Op Rocket if not then your A grade will hopefully put you in good stead for a date in the newxt 3-4 months if your pass at ADSC was for JE and SE...if not you would have to go back to ADSC for adult selection.
  11. Do you mean "punctuate" and "sentence"? Yeah thought so!