Shades of 36

I'm not comparing the current Chinese gubment to the nazis but this whole Olympics business has been one great big propoganda scam.
First we had the virtual opening ceremony and now this.

I know 2012 won't be as spectacular, but at least it might be real.

If it wasn't for the fact that Joseph Goebbels has currently got a red hot poker up his jacksie, I'm sure he would manage asmile.
The Telegraph is typically up its own arrse. It's missing the fundamental point about the Chinese Olympic hype: it's not directed outward. We're incidental to the top priority.

Getting and presenting the Olympics is one big PR campaign, yes, but it's aimed at their own people. "See? We've managed to bring China strength and respect, and get us out into the wider world again. All that corruption and oppression can't be too bad, can it? Relax."

So, things were not what they appeared? Show me an Olympic opening ceremony that was. Also show me an Olympic opening ceremony where so much attention was directed to its artifice. The point they're making, just like with the air pollution control measures (successful, BTW), is that they can achieve their aims when they set their minds to it. So they might not have any use for the stadiums after the games? So air quality will go back to wehat it was? They didn't intend them to do anything but be there to host the Olympics. They set limited objectives and achieved them.

How successful it's been is moot. Democracy isn't a very Chinese concept, nor is it quite the universal condition our own evangelists would have it. There was a Chinese academic who made what I think to be a beautiful analogy: Western democracy is like a restaurant. You can choose which chef cooks your meal, but the menu's fixed. In China, there's no choice in the chef but you do get to tell him what meal to cook.

I sometimes get a bit tired of my Chinese friends' paranoia about how western media report China. Having seen the sheer double standard exhibited by the BBC in particular I'm beginning to see their point.
I watched that one. I couldn't believe anyone didn't see the kick land, regardless of angle of view. The Chinese girl's head rocked back and she went off balance, FFS. Still, at least it was corrected after the appeal.

Still, that Mexican lass deserved the semi-final win. Shame, though.
I have lived in China. I do not defend all their government does but look at history. You will see what has happened to those in government (usually Emperors) when the population gets really annoyed. add to that the difficulties that the USSR had in becoming its 'successful' democracy and I suggest thta if you were in the Chinese government you would be taking things slowly. I think that that is waht they are doing. For all its faults if you respect the law you will not have any trouble. Trouble tend to be caused by the 'Prescott' type of party official at local level. It is a very complex matter and the conceprt of 'Just give them Democracy' is unlikely to work.
Remember, democracy gave us Brown, I don't know waht it is giving the Afghans and Iraqis. Probably not water and electricity in the latter case.
I would use my democratic vote for anyone who would rid of us the BBC licence fee. A vote well use in my opinion.
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