Shackletons cargo

Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by BrandySoured, Feb 6, 2010.

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  1. Want that one

    Boy, did he intend to have a celebration.

    Shame it went a bit tits up and why did he not let on that the stuff was there? My guess he planned to impress a few slappers at some stage with the promise of a cruise and a party.
  2. Agree he did not achieve his original aim but what a story followed and he did not lose a single man .
    From my memory …
    After his ship was trapped in the ice waited as they slowly moved around in the ice floe and eventually sank .
    Man hauled three open boats to the sea and then sailed to Elephant Island with basically dead reckoning navigation because of appalling weather .
    Sorted themselves out on Elephant Island and then covered in one boat and Shackleton and I think three others then sailed to South Georgia .
    When they reached South Georgia they made crampons from nails and leather and I think with an adze and no other mountain kit or maps set off to cross the mountain range to Grytviken .
    After 2/3 days arrived at Grytviken .
    Then onto Argentina where he I believe was given the use of one of their warships and sailed back to Elephant Island to rescue the rest of his men .

    What a leader !

    Edited to add ... IIRC it was over two years for the expedition to sail/return to England . Some of the crew who survived their ordeal then went off for service in WW1 and were killed .

    Edited further ..... for Grytviken read Stromness Whaling Station and for Argentinian Warship read Chilean tug .
  3. Shackleton tried to rescue the marooned men on Elephant Island on two occassions, but pack ice and weather forced him back. Several weeks past before he was able to attempt a 3rd time. The rescue vessel was a Chiliean tug boat! Even then the ice again threatened so there was only time for the men to bundle into a rowing boat sent from the tug and then bug out!
    Shackleton had left orders to the men on the Island that if he failed to return,after several months, they were to attempt to row/sail one of their remaining lifeboats(being then used as shelter) to reach safety. The time for this was fast approaching so he was very desperate to get to them before they sailed in what would have been almost certain death.
    Shackleton was a great leader,one of the best ever, however when they returned to the UK all the expedition were awarded the polar medal. Except for two men, both men had attempted to strike and refuse order's when they were marooned on the ice. When he sailed for South Geiorgia he took both men with him as he didnt want them causing trouble at Elephant Island. One of the men was "Chippy" McNish the carpenter. He rebuilt the boats and even fashioned the crude crampons needed to cross the mountains at South Georgia. McNish never forgave Shackleton for forcing him to kill his pet cat after they were wrecked on the ice.
  4. You are correct about the tug and further my entry about Grytviken is incorrect ... should have been Stromness Whaling Station .
  5. This is the booze - I wonder how it has kept?

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  6. it was found under his expedition hut

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  7. On ice?
  8. On the rocks?
  9. There was an interview on R4 this morning & a guy from the distillery that produced it said that the original blend recipe had been lost but now thanks to this discovery they'll be able to reproduce the original blend after analysis.
  10. Normally once in the bottle,that´s it,It might get some colour or even worse ´taste´ from the cork but there´s nothing else to add to the brew,as it´s been in freezing temperatures it might have retained its original taste but IIRC(only through reading!!) whisk(e)y tasted pretty shitty over 100 years ago and it was only through blending that it was remotely drinkable.

    Probably took it along as ´Anti-Freeze`!
  11. At the moment there is a preservation team at Shackleton's huts, the tinned food when opened is sometimes in surprisingly good condition;

    see, Curried Rabbit:
  12. The stores found must be from his 1908 expedition when he landed at McMurdo Sound because on his later expedition . not just to reach the South Pole but cross Antarctica , he was unable to land before being trapped in ice . Then he started his epic survival journey .

    Recruitment of the teams followed a famous advert ….

    “Men wanted for hazardous journey. Low wages, bitter cold, long hours of complete darkness. Safe return doubtful. Honour and recognition in event of success."

    Thousands applied .
  13. Typical of you !!!
  14. In this case the name/trade are a a 'porridge wog' 'chippy' is a national trait.. :D