Shabby treatment of Armed Forces

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Ex-Grenadier, Nov 12, 2007.

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  1. The Armed Forces are fighting two vicious wars well in excess of Labour's bureaucratic 'planning assumptions', and yet thanks to Brown's military spending squeeze when Chancellor:

    * The Regular Army is the smallest since The Battle of Waterloo (1815)

    * The Territorial Army is the smallest since it was created in 1906

    * The Royal Navy is the smallest since the Battle of Trafalgar (1805)

    * Defence spending as a percentage of GDP is the lowest since the 1930's

    * A fully trained soldier is paid £10,000 less than a fully trained policeman, and almost half what a fully trained fire fighter earns.

    What a debacle this Government has caused; placing our troops at severe risk by overstretching and under-equipping and, to add insult to injury, they are underpaying to boot. The Government alone has shamefully broken the Covenant between the Nation and its Armed Forces.

    We recently witnessed the unveiling of a statue in tribute to Nelson Mandela in Parliament Square; is it beyond us to erect a National Monument to all those who have been awarded the UK's highest honour for bravery (VC/GC)?

    Equally importantly, how soon will this duplicitous government offer itself for re-election, so that these matters and many more might be determined by those more patriotic?
  2. in_the_cheapseats

    in_the_cheapseats LE Moderator

    Preaching to the converted here, mate
  3. HERE HERE you sir speak the words of common sense, something ALL MP's lack, lets hope that the record (?) turn out for yesterdays (11th) parades is a sign that the public have started to see that supporting the troops is different to supporting the war, these days it is a taboo to show support and many people who do support them do it in sliance, i as a civvi (for now) always voice my opinion on supporting the troops. watching on ITV 'mu boy jack' not only a great piece of acting from everyone on there (including harry potter) it showed how different this country is now, and then. men doing anything they can jsut so their son's can join the army and fight for king and country, there was a scene on there of Mr Kiplin saying that every fit and able man should do their bit, he had not one but three union flags, you would get arrested for that these days. when the reports of the firts days deaths he said 'we should tell them the truth, it will make men want to join, if not for anything for making the deaths of the men have meaning' but these days the public respons to the deaths in 'stan and iraq is 'well they choose to join'. after watching all these programs about how bad it is out there, it has only made my wanting to join even stronger. so i say now "EVERY FIT AND ABLE MAN, DO YOUR DUTY, FIGHT THESE WARS, SO THAT THE DEATHS CAUSED ARE NOT FOR NOTHING"
  4. all good stuff, excellent....

    ...your not from the NDA are you?

    the same bunch of people that have allowed this parlous state of event to occur because they were too busy minding their Ps & Qs in whitehall and silently creeping the corridors so as not to upset the political equilibrium?
  5. I understand the UKNDA is a strictly non-political outfit. I am a political activist (unpaid) who campaigns in defence of traditional British values and freedoms from a free-market, libertarian Conservative perspective.
  6. You're not gonna get much arguement here
  7. so what are you going to do about it?
  8. I am working with all those of like-mind to build even greater public support for the Military Covenant, and to replace this Government of former Stalinists with one that will use its experience to restore the Covenant and develop strong national defences.

    What are you going to do about it?
  9. Combat Eighteen or maintream BNP?
  10. Read what I wrote - "Conservative" = Conservative Party. No one who is a libertarian and defending traditional British values and freedoms can be a totalitarian of the Right or Left.
  11. please be Maggie Thatcher!!
  12. ar better still Douglas Murray!
  13. Simply my hero

    Grenadier, loosen up it was a poor joke.
  14. Since the headbangers of C18/BNP make occasional incursions on this site, I found your question as to whether I am C18/BNP, together with your failure to select one of the appropriate 'Smileys' no joke - poor or otherwise! However, since we are encouraged to be discreet on this site, you no more know me than I know you, so I'll attribute your question to genuine ignorance. :D :D :D
  15. FFS guys stop diluting a very well presented case, "mair power tae yer elbow" ex-gren as we say here in chilly jockland