sha**ing your missus when shes got her puds?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by gemill, Jul 24, 2005.

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  1. guys humping the missus whens shes on plate throwing week are you a coward or a ribena berry ??

    i used to be engaged to a lass who got the injection she bled for 3 weeks and was off for 1 (anoying just a little) taking her from behind once look down as you do and sees my knob totaly covered in bright red blood i thought id tore my banjo string traumatised me for donkeys years so you can understand my reluctance i mean bugger the state of the sheets afterwards thats her job but seeing your dikc looking like mrs bobbits been at it scary new missus cant seem to understand my reluctance as she gets horny as fook when shes on so guys help me out here should i bite the bullet and give ger what she wants or convince her that rag week is a good time for some butt action?(hers not mine obviously)
  2. i quite like shagging them during the red week, others times is just as good, i feel like i am the penis Vampire :D
  3. Give it to her, only if she'll suck it afterwards
  4. I've always found deploying the old "suit, protective, biohazard, penis for the use of" a useful trick for rag week - after endex it allows you to just bin the evidence and avoid spending 10 minutes on decontamination when you should be farting and rolling over for well earned ovine calculations.
  5. Keep away, far away.
  6. Just do it... why should she suffer cos you are scared. Look at it this way... at least you don't have to spend 20 mins trying to make her wet... she's got her own lube!! :twisted:
  7. If she's bleeding, she ain't breeding...go on and fill your boots soldier!
  8. Go on, give it to her. It's not like she's asking you do to the dive. No doubt you've stuck your c0ck in shadier places before...
  9. I consider myself an open-minded chap when it comes to sex, but I don't mind admitting that although I have some "Red Wings" they are very, very out of date.


  10. they are always more horny during the blobweek.
    it doesn't make much difference otherwise!

    go on- whats the worst that could happen.
  11. It's the taste if she starts while yer down. Let's just not go there....please.
  12. Man that's good eat'in...just splash on some Bar-B-que sauce and dive in!
  13. Yeech. Spoken like a true Hell's Angel, WM. 8O
  14. This could be a new fetish, Kinky Vampire porn or maybe something out of the Dawn of the Dead - Flesh eating zombies, blood every where, then you get to shoot her in the head with your "weapon" 8O

    But on a serious note sex can help with the period (soothing or some thing), a nurse told me that just be for she gave me my first RedWings :lol:
  15. There is nothing wrong with BLOOD SPORT once you get used to the taste. You can't beat using a bloody membrane glistening on the end of your co*k as a lube for a bit of hoop action.

    Be warned though I once did this chick in a car, I went down on her and realised that she was blobbing. There was blood and spunk every where but I thought "what the hell"
    I'll clean her up. After she dropped me off at the main gate and the guard commander pulled me in because he thought I had been fighting. I had blob all over my hands and face.