Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by SuperTrooper, Jul 22, 2006.

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  1. Edited to sugest that anything in here now needs to be a video link, so I am removing this in the honour of the dulards
  2. Have you noticed you fall into step with the person next to you?
  3. Kin Hell !!
    I'm seriously not jokeing when I say my right arm for some reason starts swinging when I'm in a world of my own. Blokes at work have noticed it aswell. I've noticed since the Army that I take slightly bigger paces than 'normal' people.
    I thought I was just a total nobber but looks like I'm not the onyl muppet marching round the streets :D
    Can't say I keep instep with people though that would make you look abit tapped 8O
  4. You know you have it bad when you break step to 'fall' in step with the person you are walking with :)

  5. I sometimes finish shaving...pause two three and turn smartly away from the sink, bringing the left foot in...noone sees, it's fine...
  6. i confess to doing the fallin into step thing with my muckers be walking to chow or out having a few socialable drinks
  7. I had just finished a weekend with 34 sigs and popped round the corner to the shop. There was a bit of a queue and as I waited my turn, my mind wandered back to the new drill movements we had been taught. I felt a nudge in my back, as I'd been daydreaming, the queue had gone and there was a space of 3/4 metres in front. I walked up to the counter and without any thought, I pulled off an amazing 'halt'. Cue lots of mirth and one red faced recruit.
  8. lmao, that sounds so embarrasing and i cant help but laugh at you. It seems just the sort of retarded action i would pull off in public.
  9. Oh it's funny NOW bradders. But then... oh my God. I just wanted to fall down a big fcuking hole.
  10. Even when I was a Cadet......

    2 week annual camp, or any longer away from home than a weekend, and I started falling into step with anything else on the pavement.
  11. :lol: Reminds me of many a conversation whilst in training about how much drill we were doing and the fact will be automatically doing drill at Asda checkout and you managed it 8O
    I bet the civvies around looked at you gone out.
  12. drill is brill ...................................................

    you all know the rest.