Sh1t Day? Have a Rant!

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by SpannerSpanker, Aug 26, 2009.

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  1. I just thought i would see if anyone else has a day that really fcuks you off!!

    Heres roughly how the sh1te happened for me today... Lets see, went to fill my car up ready for the daily grind / commute next week and found that petrol has fcuking gone up again to £1.07.9 in my area, fcuking cnuting gubmint why dont they do something and whats the point of the .9? Is it supposed to make me feel better that i am not spending 8p just 7 and a bit :x ..!! Then on my way to the gym nearly went up the arse of some stupide fcuking bint because she didnt read the bloody road and stopped at the roundabout, i was behind and saw it was all clear and carried on going (thank god for ABS 8O ) Got to the gym, watched some scabby little chav knobber with his mates trying to bench press some weights that were clearly to big for his arms which were like bits of green string and basically just mincing about on all the weights. Then after hanging out of my arse after 40 mins on the rowing machine, i was cleaning it down and some stupid bint asked me if i was finished, lets see.. red face, sweatier than a pedo caught in a nursery school and trying to breathe in through my arse, what do you fcuking think you mong? Then to top it all off when i got home i turned the TV on and caught the 'I want to do a poo at Pauls' advert!! :x :x :x :x :x

    But i do feel better now, thanks :D
  2. So in an entire day you went to the petrol station and the gym and that's it? Don't think you can complain, really :)
  3. Curiously my day has not been totally shit. It's just rained so much I've not been able to do any proper work and have spent the whole day busy doing nothing.

    Digital Extraction required tomorrow.
  4. I did a bit more than just go to the petrol station and gym, not much more, granted! But i am on leave and entitled to mince about a little bit, i was going to play golf, but my civvie mates minced off because of the rain! 8O
  5. You need to lay off the steroids mate sooooo much anger.
  6. Raining, the Great Unwashed fkin my day up by protesting and then, AND THEN being hit with a big fkin bill :x
  7. Geez Louise.. what a bunch of wimps..

    Its my -sorry- our- anniversary today so I've got to spend the whole time with the missus.. actually have to sh!t,shower and shave and splash on some Old Spice left over from Christmas, take her out to dinner and a chick flick and make lovey eyes at her while she tells me stuff I don't want to hear..

    thank gawd its only once a year...
  8. I was off today but i have had a shite. Does that count?
  9. my day has been horrific, back in the uk for a few days and the wife is trying to reverse the ressesion single handed.........F**k me i need a much bigger car i don't think the squaddie max is going to cope.....need to burn her plastic
  10. Cunt of a day has just been topped off work at a big hq, only JNCO in the Div so work with Col's and above, 1 x SNCO so talk tomyself and gibber all fucking day, yes sir no sir etc etc. Just went up the bar to watch the footy and... its all ranks on a weds now when the cunting champoins league is on, no football just loud mohted officers, brown nosing RAF and Navy JNCOs and oud music... CUNTS I feel like going on a killing spree! Rant over Thanks for starting this thread!
  11. The Jade Dream is working in China for three months leaving me IC sproglets and with gonads like watermelons. They've just started school (the sproglets that is, not the gonads) so I'm doing the whole single parent thing for a bit (fuck me, it's a graft! Hat's off to those who do it for real).

    It's August, so work is going haywire. The world and his sodding parakeet want to go to uni this year and they're all under the impression that they must be the only one and obviously therefore it's all right to keep me on the phone for half an hour while they dick around getting the pen and paper common sense would have told them in advance they'd need or telling me pointless pish that has no earthly relevance to their case.

    I've cracked a filling in one of my teeth, my arthritis is playing up in the damp, I lost my mobile a few days back and the key to our back door snapped off in the lock when I was putting out the bins on Monday.

    It's been pissing down for days and I've managed to lock myself out of our online NS&I account, so I'll have to go through the bawsache of requesting the form, returning it, getting a temporary password and resetting it by phone.

    Lucky white heather, get your lucky white heather here.

    Grinds teeth, kicks cat, ignores wife, scowls at neighbour, supresses 'Charles Whitman thoughts', goes to pub.

    Feels better until tomorrow.
  13. A bill for crusties protesting? :p
  14. Today, my soon to be ex wife has been using me as a target for all the worlds ill. Never mind the fact she earns shite loads in a bank, I must pay mor to the kids, ect, etc, etc, etc, etc, how dare I have three cars on my drive, rant, blither, rant, what do I think I'm doing living so far away, rant, wibble, wibble, wibble.

    Thank the lords there is beer in the fridge....
  15. at least the result went the right way eh?