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Discussion in 'RLC' started by paragorge, Jun 12, 2006.

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  1. How to win friends & influence people?? Sweet!!!!
  2. Percy_Pigeon

    Percy_Pigeon War Hero Book Reviewer

    Not a happy place by all accounts.

    If you listen to rumours
  3. Only a rumour if unconfirmed, its ironic that people will do that to get commisioned and madness that the Offrs managing them dont see through it, ultimetly when they do get it (and they will) it undermines the whole process as its not so pretigeous if a Offr licking bloke jacking nasty twat gets it.
  4. Whilst using AGAI 67 against the RQMS may not on the surface seem like the shrewdest move, let us consider that far from showing a lack of situational awareness it may have shown an understanding of what is required in the long term. Knowing the gentleman in question, this would seem to me to be an act of moral courage and I would say anyone prepared to do this is would be far more likely to represent the interests of “the lads;” whether these are commensurate with the interests of the “airborne net” may be an entirely different matter!

    My understanding was that this gentleman was deliberately chosen because he was not para trained and this had something to do with turning the Unit into a logistic Regt as a opposed to a pool of BCRs for 5 Bde.

    I’ve seen far more shameless and far more blatent. :wink:
  5. Gents:

    A reminder of the "no names/identities" policy. Referring to someone as X appt Y Regt and making them easily identifiable isn't acceptable. You might as well say "WO1 Bloggs" for all the difference it makes. As the individual concerned may or may not have the ability to reply to the anonymous criticisms being meted out I'd appreciate it if you would ensure the indivdual concerned cannot be identified.
  6. No Ford Moral courage is saying "hey RQMS you have told me that you carried out the checks required and that you couldnt sign the book as it wasnt there and Im going to back you all the way regardless of what the Adjt/RHQ think or say"

    But no the powers above picked it up and he sold his deputy downstream, sorry but thats inexcusable, especially when you come from a very checked background!! Looks like divertionary tactics
  7. So how is AGAI'ing the RQMS destroying the Mess?
  8. The RQMS has done nothing wrong and as a result been stiched up slightly and his own RSM doesnt support him it sends a ripple through the blokes that they cant rely on the stick man. Additionally there is a general buzz that he is out for himself & his commision and that makes the mess difficult,

    The RSM should be respected by all soldiers and especially his own SNCOs and this one isnt which is wrong. AGAI a soldier does show moral courage and is necessary if warranted. I just hate to see any Regt falling foul of such problems as it breeds a bad reputation and contempt and should not be allowed to happen

  9. ........its suprisingly easy for the mess to unseat an RSM, loyalty being a double-edged sword:)
  10. I have personally served with the said individual on more than one occassion over the last 13 yrs and I find him to be an honourable man with a strong sense of moral courage.

    On almost every occassion, when he was one of my Sect Comds, he stood up for his Section and never once felt the need to stiff his boys to look good.

    He is a talented bloke who has no need to do this - it would be wise to realise that there is a big difference between popularity and respect!
  11. I don't know the man, unit or circumstance but it's pretty low having this as a thread don't you think?
  12. Ever considered that the RSM was actually using the system to advantage.

    If the RQMS has not done something he is supposed to (which we are all guilty of on occasion) and has got caught out (all of us again) by the adjt/CO etc (oh bugger) then the penalties would quite often be rather stiff.

    Is it possible that the RSM has pettitioned the CO to allow him to deal with it himself, as he the RSM is in charge of discipline? Therefore AGAI the RQMS and give him one extra or to do a job he does anyway, thus preventing him from serious punishment.

    The RSM may not be so daft as he is pudding looking. Dont know the man or the situation but just a suggestion
  13. Shouldn't this stay within the unit?
  14. Someones chosen not to they have posted it on an open forum