Sgts Mess standards/traditions

Discussion in 'REME' started by bstaker9, Feb 1, 2007.

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  1. :pissedoff: When do we draw the line with what happens in the mess stays in the mess!
    [align=left]1.Sexual harrasment
    [/align] 2.Crude /vulgar behavior to guests
    3 BN Reme apparently find this acceptable!
  2. This isnt the place to air a private matter. Speak to the RSM or PMC and if someone has acted inappropriately get it sorted with the big guns. Failing that, undermine them massively at the time, sort them out with some milling or have a word polite and in a mature manner at the next possible opportunity.

    Remember, its just as much your mess as anyone else's, dont look for others to help - sort em out!!

    Good luck
  3. Are you a mess member or a guest?
    if youre a mess member than speak to your RSM, if youre a guest, speak to the mess member that invited you and have them speak to their RSM.
  4. It's already drawn, you've just overstepped it.
  5. As already stated, if someone has stepped out of line then its up to the RSM, Presiding Member or PMC to sort. There are some things that are unacceptable and if it is of a serious nature then it is for them to inform the CoC.

    The mess is a place for us SNCOs and WOs to let our hair down away from the ORs and Officers, and it is up to the RSM etc to grip any inappropriate behaviour and deal accordingly. The last thing that we need is the CoC scrutinising what happens in OUR messes.

    As Tytus has already stated you have over stepped that line, lets just hope that from whatever Bn REME you are from no-one IDs you!
  6. Think we've all hit the nail on the head with this one....why come on here to bear a personal grudge??
    Reckon you should have talked to those concerned at the exact time the behaviour offended you or speak to someone who can for you if you dont feel that you can do that, and lets be honest we're not all up for the mental battle with someone you're offended by.
    I suggest maybe attending the excellent EO & Diversity course held at Shrivenham to give you the knowledge in what is/is not acceptable and how to deal with problems correctly.
  7. Clearly some bean flickin bint who should be pleased that we even bother acknowledging her as a fellow human being.
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  8. :spiderman: or apply for a posting to say "Royal Irish" a real Sgts mess.