Sgts mess skirt

Discussion in 'Military Clothing & Boots' started by Combatbarbie663, Oct 11, 2012.

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  1. Gonna sound silly but anyone know where the easiest or quickest way to get a female AGC sgts mess skirt please. Or anyone know of someone selling one

  2. Try here: Welcome to Facebook

    I'm that old, I've still got the taffetta dress so am no help.
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  3. Brilliant thank you didnt even think of that. Very much appreciated x
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  4. Taffetta? Is that the official name for mammoth fur?
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  5. Do you want a punch in the throat?
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  6. There's a subtle difference between hard and bony.
  7. Do you have to bull the arse on AGC skirts?
  8. De-kitting next week. Do you want these knick knicks or not?
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  9. Wasn't "Mums Army" disbanded after WWII aswell?
  10. If the rumours are true, that's nothing new.
  11. I'll prove it to you once the QMs in Catterick agree I don't actually have 7 berets, 4 pairs of blue running shorts and a pair of 10m desert boots.
  12. We could raffle off your drawers, cellular for H for H

    Just a thought like