Sgts Mess Kits for Sale

Discussion in 'Aviation' started by Flyboy, Jun 19, 2003.

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  1. 2 complete Sgts Mess kits for sale.  To fit the more generously proportioned (larf! you'll all be there one day!).  Height 5'10", waist 40" (ish!) chest 44"; second set waist 42", chest 48".  Also black George boots size 10, and nearly new pair of brown 'Veldskoen' worn twice, size 10.  'Yellow' officers type shirt and poofy silk knitted tie also used twice, size as above.  No sensible offer refused - they are no good to me as a strawberry mivvi.  Tel 07966-428646
  2. If I ring tonight, will you talk dirty to me?
  3. i've known you a few years and you were never that size  :D
  4. size 10 i mean !!!!!
  5. He might play MISTY for you Gunny, if you say please... ;D
  6. hey Gunny/X what does bactira mean?
  7. Dunno Muttley but it probably comes with rice or chips  ;)
  8. The Yakuklt yoghurt advert, with the mad bloke at the dinner party, talking to the lady about his job 'bacteria'.  In my mental state, the man in the advert always conjurers up an image of what Woooopert looks and talks like.
  9. ;D
    you mean salmonella sid as my mate calls him..
    The man in the advert I meant, not Woopert  ;)
  10. My voice is much higher pitched and weedy!
  11. Weally Woopert?
  12. Woops, you dream of wearing AAC SNCO mess kit!
  13. Instead of the Ballgown and heels you usually strut around in after the boys brigade vimto and lollies parties ;D

    Flash you no longer qualify as a SNCO once you step across to the dark side, you are merely there for every body else to hate and whine about, besides how do you cope, not being able to sew all your poncy badges on to your mess dress, or do you just tip up in your romper suit, and offer feeble excuses to the RSM........ Check ride for Commandant etc etc, before sipping a glass of ribena disguised as port, wetting yourself and driving home in your dark green vovlo ;D