Sgts Mess Corps Function - 16 Nov

Discussion in 'RLC' started by BaggyInBlack, Nov 17, 2005.

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  1. Did anyone here go last night? Bloody brill night. The starter was a wee cracker and delicious. Mike Read was funny and the craic was great.
    Good to meet up with lots of old mates I haven't seen in years. Must go again.

  2. Yea, cracking nite but thougt the menu was slightly weird - bland was the opinion of table 9. Max complements to the team that put it on though - loadsa wine and quick service - just the job!

    MR appealed to majoritie but there were the usual 1% whingers who should try their hand at trying please everyone.

    Who prefers Lounge suit to Mess Kit? Having bought the f*cker I'd like more occasions to wear it and get some vfm! Comments please.

    Check out events of 9 Feb & 26 Jan.
  3. How much was raised for charity?
  4. The dinner did "look" bland as there was no colour, but did taste nice...even if we did have to fight with the onion ;-)

    1% whingers are everywhere, but fcuk em. As ye say, they would never even attempt to try and make something better themselves. The night was a great success IMHO.

    The last dinner was also in suits. Would prefer Mess Dress as ye say, it costs a fortune, so why not wear the bugger. Well, somebody decieded to lol.

    Dunno how much was raised for charity.

    Baggy, (still hungover)
  5. Did you crash at the function? I heard that within hours of the letter going out all accom was taken. Gutted I missed it, but I was in Pakistan doing my bit.

    Was there any hints of the next function?
  6. Pub Night at Abingdon on 26 Jan (Casual) and Dinner night at Deepcut on 9 Feb (Mess Kit) to dine out the CRSM.
  7. you are my total HERO!!!!
  8. You can learn a lot by snooping around the RSMs desk! Can I fall-out for an early NAAFI break?
  9. Anybody got the answer re. how much was raised for the charity?
  10. Good. Stay close and you might learn!
  11. Is it another top Madness night on 26 Jan.

    Cheers mate!
  12. No - it's Showaddywaddy - the name sounds mince but their sh*t-hot live having seen them in cabaret shows around Birmingham and Warwickshire. Loads of good numbers with audience participation. Well worth going to see!
  13. Lets go for a little walk......
  14. General Melchett

    General Melchett LE Moderator

    Should be a good night, I may be attending.
  15. Well praise the Lord - the master cometh!! - pompous git!