Sgt's Mess Blandford

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by SgtSlaughter, May 10, 2011.

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  1. I am moving Into the mess for a few months until my son finishes his school year and the family can join me there.

    Can anyone tell me what the mess is like or socially, amenities, rooms, wireless etc etc

  2. Socially it is not too bad, there are always people in the bar but the price of beer has just gone up to about £1.20 a pint! The rooms vary but will depend on where you are as some are awful. The mess has a seperate TV room and also has snooker and pool table which are free of charge. All the blocks have wifi installed which can be purchased on a weekly or monthly basis and the mobile coverage is shit unless you are on Vodaphone.

    Don't think I've missed anything!
  3. Cheers so pleased I am with TMobile which also gets Orange signal!
  4. Which means you still wont get signal on blandford, as I found out the hard way...
  5. one thing about the room's in the mess if you are put in the tower block i ve see bigger prison cells and the food is not that brilliant
  6. Visited Blandford yesterday, thought "oh I'll pop in the mess for lunch" as I've never been there before. Just follow the signs I thought as I cruised down the main drag; imagine my surprise when 20 mins later I park up the car in Anson and spark up a tab thinking "I didn't want to find it anyway".
  7. Ha I didn't think anyone wouldn't know where it was. Moved my stuff in today ready for moving there Sunday night. They gave me 2nd floor of the tower block. That was a treat getting my boxes up there.

    As was said it is def smaller than a prison cell and some Cnut has pulled the tv aerial out the wall box. Better get old tech head back on and sort it.
  8. It was a bit of a dump 12 years ago and it was freezing in winter, do they still have those portacabins/temp accomodation extended into the car park?
  9. They are still there but no idea if they are used. I lived in one in training 10 years ago and they were awful!
  10. Sorry.....errrrr.......where did you say you'd left your wife? ;)
  11. In the car boot
  12. Ahhhh, good choice sir.
  13. They're used for the Sergeants courses, or transit when big events are on like Morrison cup.
    You'd have been better off going to the Toms 'Restaurant'. Food is of the same standard, its cheaper and you can watch TV while you eat. The only thing different apart from the tv is you have to take your own plate away, which is no hardship