Sgt Vincent George McGarry BEM

There was a very interesting programme about him on BBC1 today (Heir Hunters) which was all about trying to find family members to inherit his estate, following his death in 2007.
Vince served a full 22 years in the R SIGNALS and then joined BT (surprise, surprise! :) ), and was only 63 when he died.
The programme contained some excellent group photographs and I recognised a number of fellow scalies, although they are all much older than me!
The programme is on BBC iplayer if anyone is interested - worth a watch as he had a fascinating background.
Anyone on here remember Vince? He seemed a good egg.
Oh yes, I remember Vince. Quietly spoken, kept himself to himself - and a really good guy. He was Systems Tech Sgt when I arrived at my first Unit (1 ADSR) and he was always the one who made sure that us young 'uns didn't get into too much trouble. A real good egg, and I had a lot of time for the guy.

One of the memories I had was when someone let the Mess Cockatiel out of it's cage one Saturday afternoon, and off it went - and Vince took it on himself to catch it. A couple of us from the block tagged along with him as we clambered over back gardens on the trail of the bloody bird! The locals were remarkably unfazed by it all, and Vince even managed to coerce a few of them into joining the great cockatiel hunt. We never caught it as I recall, but Vince spent weeks walking around Camp looking for it - and it would occasionally turn up for a few minutes sitting on a roof or something before heading off again for a few days..
Tregeek, Chris,
Thanks for responding. I appear to have made an error in the thread title, as it seems he actually ended up as a FofS?
Having read the link, he obviously led a very secluded life outside of his work and the Army was clearly his family. Thankfully, he was resilient enough to move into a civilian career at the end of his 22, unlike some I can think of.
That said; it is a desperately sad tale and to me, emphasises the importance of close family.

It's a bit confusing for me as well... I distinctly remembered Vince was a Staffy Tech in TM Troop, but guessed that the ravages of time had played with my brain cells and that he must have been a Tech Sgt as that was what the programme seemed to think.

I'm now convinced that he was a Staffy TE Tech. He was not a FofS in 1 Div.. This was back in very early '80s and I guess Vince was nearing his 22 year point then so I can't see any way that he would have gone on to the course after 1 Div.

Chris - thanks for putting up the link to the eulogy. It described the man perfectly.


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old_bloke said:
BBC iplayer only works in the Uk. Anybody got another link that might work i.e. You Tube?
Click on it in the I player
It'll tell you you can't see it
Open up thge programe information and got to the programme site
It sometimes lets you see it in a seperate window
I went to Vince's funeral at Manor Park cemetry, East London. He had a good send off. Sadly (and obviously if you see the TV programme) none of his family attended.

Vince passed away with with no family contactable or registered NOK. This caused no end of problems for the Coroner to release the body. Sad as it was he was in the morgue for 4 months I believe. Through the work of a an old work mate and the RSA enough proof was submitted to convince the authorities he was brought up an orphan with no known family.

There were a lot of his work mates in attendance as well as about 15 members of the East London RSA branch including the Standard Bearer. Vince was never a member of the RSA, but as I worked with Vince at Mercury Communications and myself being ex-Signals I got in touch with the RSA and they rallied around and sorted out a proper send off, worthy of what Vince deserved.

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