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Discussion in 'AGC, RAPTC and SASC' started by Bacon_Grill, Apr 3, 2008.

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  1. Well done to those 17 GPD who have this morning been pre selected for promotion to SSgt and to the 8 SIB also.

    Ignore bad comments, chances are they are based on jealousy! Well done, especially in this era of VEng, getting promoted has become that little more difficult!
  2. Bacon,

    the VEng effect will not kick in until after this years round of boards, that means if people didn't get it this year they might aswell wait out until 2011 cos there aint gonna be much promoting action going on until then! Of course there will be the odd couple who stick the VEng, and LE Commissionings, but other than that stand by for a long wait.
  3. Interesting although your view does not make sense really. Are you suggesting that no one is going to get promoted until 2011??? Or are you suggesting that the promotion rate will dramatically reduce until 2011?

    Are you views based on fact or specualtion?

    Just interested although not too concerned I am on my way to civ div :)
  4. Thank the man up top that I am not in that rat race anymore. But congrats to those who have to take on the extra work etc. No Golf for them = more for me.
  5. I think it would be fair to say that the rate will drastically reduce until aroun 2011 due to VEng. This is based partly on speculation, but mainly on common sense. I am specualting insofar as no-one really knows how many people will take VEng to the nth degree, but as an illustration say there is a WO2 who has just taken VEng, who was due out this year, he now has 2 more years in that rank, which would have been vacant when he left this year, that means one less slot on the SSgt-WO2 board. That has a knock on for the Sgt-SSgt board as there will be one less SSgt being promoted, so one less vacancy. So on and so forth right down the chain.

    The only saving grace are those who decide either not to bother, or having taken the VEng decide to sign off with 12 months notice at the 21 or 22 year point. Add to that the LE commissions, which will free up the odd WO1 slot and there will still be room for promotion, but not nearly at the rate we have had for the last few years. Makes sense really. IMHO we have had a few too many very junior bods promoted recently (some after just 1 year in rank for example). How anyone can justify having gained enought experience in 1 reporting period at say SSgt level to be promoted to WO2 is kidding themselves.

    We no longer have the depth of experience, partly because of rapid promotions, but there you go, what can we do about it now apart from slow that down a bit with VEng.

  6. You are totally right on your theory, but unless there are extenuating circumstances everyone will be given the opportunity to extend their service to 24 years as all recruits are now given. It will mean basically that everyone has those 2 years, most will mark time but as you quite rightly said there will be those that will promote and subsequently have those extra 2 years to perhaps go further. The transition had to happen to bring those already serving in line with the policy of 24 years. For some it has been a saving grace for others a pain, but thats life life, we all will have to live with it.
  7. Crikey - on armynet already.
  8. I agree with your theory to a degree, the reality is I think no one really knows. Even those at MCM Div have problems identifying vacancies when they are staring at them in the face, x acting rank therefore y pre selected, in many cases y clearly does not = x!

    I TOTALLY agree with your second point regarding those clearly too junior being promoted, not through jealousy but through serious concern that these individuals will be expected to work in the next rank up controlling, 'managing' more men then before but with (for some) naff all experience. That is a recipe for problems, especially with the current climate of employment/ops. It goes back to the old CR and who writes it which as we know is a large topic in itself.

    You get those who get promoted who have done nothing apart from CP from Cpl through to pre selection to WO2 on one hand and those who stay in the training environment for years on end and get their tapes topped up, and on the other hand you get those who do not get promoted in field units because they are seen as maybe a one trick pony or not an all rounder, clearly the promotion system is a farce and there is not one rule for all!

    The next rat race is watching all the current SSgts and now the newly pre selected SSgts racing and arguing for their dream posting, that will always make me laugh!
  9. I know what you mean, as one of the current SSgt's now waiting on a posting my thought is that the newly pre-selected lot can get in the queue and take whats left. I want my first choice, having moved on promotion to my current location at VERY short notice. At the end of the day if they don't like what's being offered posting wise they can always turn down the promotion! Yeah, right.

    To be frank I don't care, I just want to go where I want to go, end of. Would it be the end of the world if I didn't get it? No, but then why should a newbie get a preference before me? Fingers crossed on this one......
  10. Flippin right fella, heels both feet dig in!
  11. I too am waiting with fingers crossed for the posting plot to trickle down from MCM Div. But who am I kidding if I think they will post me where I want to go for a change! The problem now is that there are far less slots available at SSgt level for them to juggle, so inevitably we will go where we are sent, tails between our legs and no one who cares to gripe too!
  12. Alwats helps if you know one or two of the people deciding, and of course if you actually get on with them. I'm hoping that I'm rather lucky in that respect, but I'll have to wait and see if it all pans out as I'm hoping!
  13. Posting plot Anyone? Anyone?

    Has it materialised yet? If the rumours this morning about another couple getting their WO2 off the sweeper board is true then that will probably delay the posting plot again I suppose! You never know there may be a couple more slots going for Sgt to SSgt if the rumour is true!

    Hang in there you will get your posting with a good 1 month notice to move!
  14. I heard after the Cpl-Sgt board, then the massive posting plot will be released (after many revisions!)
  15. After the Cpl to Sgt, crikey batman, that is not till June which means all you SSgts who are due posting and due to have CRs written in Sep (ish) may as well kiss the board in Feb good bye! Getting to the top of your peers in a new unit with new OC etc... Having been there only weeks, is going to be hard work!

    Best start browning it with the current CoC to see if they will write 'another' stirling report on you prior to going.

    Cpl to Sgt board! Cannot believe that!

    Anyone confimr/disprove?

    Where's 'Johnny' he usually has sensible answers for things such as these....

    'Johnny, where are you.....?'