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Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by Barney866, Mar 30, 2009.

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  1. Hi can anyone advise with the following I am a recently promoted S/Sgt (higher band) I was previously on level 7 as a sgt.

    My pay increase is apparently 18p a month £2.16 a year according to the pay guys. I am certain this is wrong can anyone advise. I was under the impression there is a minimum pay increase of 2%.

    Cheers in advance :p
  2. Pay guys are talking pish (as usual). I was in similar situation last year. I went from Sgt high band level 6 to SSgt high band level 2. Was just over 2% increase. You will go to level 2 as well probably.
  3. You should go to a Level 2 SSgt 08 rate 36093.60. dont know what the 09 rates are yet sorry
  4. In a few years if I get promoted to SSgt i will go to lower band. I will therefore move from Level 7 High band Sgt to Level 7 Low band Ssgt but i think that is less than a 2% increase. How will it work?
  5. Paywog will probably sort this out later but you go onto some sort of "enhanced" rate I think.
  6. You have to get at least a 2% increase on promotion.
  7. Not quite, Sgt High L7 = 35219
    SSgt Lower L6 = 35934

    2% of Sgt is 704.38 so comes in at just under L6,providing any rise is accross the board don't think it will make any difference to jumps in levels!
  8. Yep thats correct.....I went from High band Sgt LvL 7 to S/Sgt highband LvL 2 which is (tell next month) 36k about 600quid rise if I remember.
  9. cheers guys

    this muppet still insists he is right, he agrees it is a 2% rise which he makes £2.16 a year, will pass it up the chain if i get no joy by next month hoping JPA will sort its self out.
  10. Makes you embarassed sometimes, no wonder we get the stick we do :roll: My eight year old can work out 2% of something FFS
  11. Wh do we have pay clerks?

    Not too long ago, a couple of my lads were not getting paid correctly.... on enquiry I was told by the paymong that the way "i thought" it worked was incorrect (apparently this has been incorrect for 8 years or however long pay 2000 has been out). When I challenged him, he suggested I read the relevant JSP.

    So I did.

    Then sauntered in to his office and wiped the smug smirk off his face (alas not physically with the filing cabinent like I wanted) by showing him I was indeed right and he was wrong...... he assured me that he would square it all away.

    Just to make sure I sent an email to him, with the relevant bit quoted, and pointing out all the days that he had told my lads and I that we were "wrong".... and the amount of time this had been going for and the monies owed.

    Oh, and I cc'd it to his hierachy too. :D
  12. Some people give us Combat HR Specialists a bad name!! (not just the Director SPS(A)!)

    Barney866 if you have any problems with your rise please feel free to drop me a PM & I'll look into things for you, I think the only problem you seem to have is an idiot who can't use a calculator!!