Sgt Terry Bryan

Sgt Terry Bryan, Royal Regiment of Artillery, was awarded the Conspicuous Gallantry Cross for his bravery in Basra, Iraq, in August 2004.

I'm a publisher and I'd like to contact Sgt Bryan about the possibility of working on a book with him.

I'm a civilian so forgive the idiocy, but is there a simple way to get in touch with him?


You need to do this properly, to ensure that you don't put Sgt Bryan and yourself into a difficult position. The best thing to do would be to approach the Adjutant at 1st Regiment Royal Horse Artillery in Tidworth. I don't have the number, but I am sure you can get it through the operator or someone will post it on here.
1st are on leave for a couple of weeks so that should give you time to find the right numbers.

Why not write a book on me? shound'nt take you that long. Joined a bunny regiment and bin shafted ever since.

Knew I should have been an Air Defender I would be a SMIG by now.
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