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Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by threesend, Apr 1, 2005.

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  1. congratulations to those who came off the recent promotion board for ssgt , many well deserved although a few w@nkers have slipped through .well done that man from 16 pigs...nice car too!!
  2. trouble is most people who are half decent will turn into wan kers within the year anyway
  3. Why`s that then andy ?
  4. Cause they think they have something to live up to, in the past this is true, however these days all you get from dross is dross!!
  5. Feeling bitter andy?
  6. Hey monkeyspanner, remember options for change? get rid of the good guys so the shite goes to the top!!
  7. I hear you andy, but promotion is recognition for service. Whether they are dross or not they had the CR`s that counted.

    Not sure of your rank fella but one must be careful when throwing stones, check for glass first!!
  8. Sorry got passed over in that!! God i must be real shite then!!
  9. You can not still blame options for change..........christ, that was fcuking years ago.........mind you, it was still earlier than when the CR system was introduced!
  10. Good to see someone with an accurate appreciation of modern british army politics...geek!
  11. if some kind chap or chapess has the time and inclination, them do us a favour and pm me letting me know the IS folk who came of the board

    I do know the one lad from 2 sigs - good lad about to go on the next supes course - but I don't know any others
  12. Did you make it m8y? Hows about them tickets??????
  13. again, bitch, fcuking bitch and fcuking bitch.

    Why don't all you "pass overs" piss off and let the rest of the army get on with their lives.
  14. where can the results be seen


  15. Did you check the mess bar last night? If you hadn't seen the signal, then a good combat indicator would be the blokes at the bar with "helium-esque" wallets! :lol:

    If you couldn't make that, have a look around today for those with the mother of all hangovers.... :cry: