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Someone said the Sig's Sgt to staffy board due out next week has been delayed a week, does anyone know if this will be the same for all the boards ???
I was told by a clerk, who may or may not have been in a pub, that they had been informed that the board was delayed by APC Glasgow, who also may have been drinking.

The results for all Sgt to SSgt promotions (regardless of cap badge) will be released at 0900 12 Apr 07. The full list is available after this time/date on Armynet.

Good luck for those in with a shout.
heidtheba said:
Any idea why they they put it back a week rather than forward a day?

Another week SO2 domestic has to put up with false hope!
Although the date is in my diary, I can't find the official letter on my system so must have deleted it, but it was to do with pressure on resources and that most units would be stood down the week before, IIRC.

Theres a brief note about the delay on the front page of after you log in stating its due to units being on leave so has the gentlemen said earlier its released on 12th now. Just spreading out the torture to be let down again but fingers crossed, congrats to those who do and commiserations to all those who dont. Birthday next week so either drowning my sorrows or celebrating.
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