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Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by 30_pigs, Apr 7, 2004.

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  1. My faith in Manning and Records has been restored !!!!!!!!!!!

    Hopefully all those interested have seen the Signal today?

    Even the one Snco who came off the board, BUT LEFT THE CORPS last year to join the RAF!!

    So well done him! or does that now make him a Flight Sgt?

    Glad someone has kept up his career profile
  2. LOL,

    I really do love the howlers like this... when you see MRO come around on the roadshow all serious and mega professional, you see them in a different light....!
  3. Grats to all, Oh and well done Xmech :wink:
  4. Thanks a lot Disco, I'd heard a whisper but after seeing your post I'm hoping its definite, our Unit is all on leave at the mo, drop us a pm as I havent yet worked out who you are and hopefully you have correctly worked out who I am.

  5. Ive got absolutley no chance of ever comming off of the SSgt board, or so I thought. No more Corps courses for me, running round like a clown doing Company attacks on a shell scrape with some 16 year old sprog with three rounds. Im just gonna put in some transfer papers for the RAF. SSgt here I come!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. Don't all turn in to crabs too quickly!!!

    I called Glasgow the other day and joked about their co*kup, but they deny the accusation. I see that 30_pigs has been a bit quiet, I even sent him a pm to get him to check, but no response, perhaps he has mixed the names up. Glasgow tell me that as soon as someone is transferred their report file goes to their new manning authority ( RAF in this case) so that it is impossible to do this sort of thing, if anyone knows better please let me know as I wil tip off Glasgow that thier foolproof system doesn't cater for the fools we have there at the moment.
  7. Im not going to name names here in the open but i have replied to your PM.

    I and another spoke to the individual on the Day of the board being published. He found it very amussing wanted to know if he could drawn both pay packets. To shed a little light he was a instructor at Blandford teaching HF eqpts. went by the name of Bob.
  8. Thanks 30, got your pm and I have just come off the phone with Glasgow. You are both right!!

    The Sgt in question has been provisionally accepted in to the RAF pending successful completion of his Air Loadmaster's course. He will remain Army until that point. In order to ensure he would not be fouled, just in case he failed the RAF course and decided to stay in the Corps, he was ran to the promotion board, and hey presto was selected. Clearly a high grade bloke!!

    Be a mate to him however and tell him not to spend all his money in case both sides pay him. Apparently he will get a whole months money if he is serving in the Army when the pay roll is done about the 11th of each month.

    So in the end far from being an MCM co*k up it is re-assuring to know that you will be looked after up to the point you are officially no longer in the Corps. On the bright side however, he was probably selected against a vacancy and will, if successful with the RAF, not be able to take it up. Therefore one more space for a reserve, lucky chap or chapess whoever it is. :D
  9. Deleted
  10. We shall see you in Blandford soon then!!!