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Discussion in 'RLC' started by dpm_mirkin, Apr 5, 2006.

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  1. Most of you know by now if you've come off the board.....Congratulations fellas, make a difference!

  2. Cheers Mirkin your'e a star :D
  3. I see Kentigern house's OPSEC is as tight as ever. :roll:

  4. Not seen it yet
  5. I know the signal was sent out today, but thought it wasn't to be made public until Fri AM?

    If anybody has a copy, could you PM me the Suppliers list - I need some gossip.

  6. Could do with the Pet Ops page if anyone has it.
  7. Pet Op's 'Page' :lol: :lol: :lol:

    You crack me up, you really do.
    Aren't they one of the smaller trades... I've seen them doing backflips because the number promoted got into double figures!

  8. All right half page then or at least the two names on the sheet
  9. Can someone PM me the Ammo Techs on the board ? Bound to be loads of them !! Also the Mov Cons please.
  10. Hope you are on Fri mate.....good luck 8)
  11. Ah well, no-one has PM'd me. I will just have to wait till Friday to see the results. Congratulations to all who got it.
  12. Did you get my PM mr mirkin?
  13. No Mr Lazy. fire it through again...........
  14. Any chance someone can PM me the AT's Results please?

  15. Congratulations to all who came off todays board!