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Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by dave8307, Jan 19, 2011.

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  1. Folks
    Due to overwhelming work requirements, I've not been on here as frequently as last year, so I may have missed a thread about Slingsby and the rest.....however, just one question...

    Where's the bears website?? I keep telling people to read about them and my (potentially new) fundraisers can't find the site. I've been on this morning and all I get is a 404 message.

    Is the site down or has it moved??

    Answers please - derogatory or otherwise. :)

  2. site was twatted by script kiddy hacker wannabee twunts around november time
    the good sgt has a presence on facebook though, thats updated regular like

    oh and as you asked for derogatory
    your clothes are unfashionable and tight around your flabby midriff:thumright:
  3. Thanks for that. However, I'll have you know that, because of my age, I must wear unfashionable clothing as a right and secondly, my huge gut is sheer fat and definitely NOT flabby.
  4. The web site has been hacked, so is down at the moment. It is being rebuilt and will hopefully up and running again soon. As Nebapneb said the Sgt does have a facebook following. So you can keep up with most things furry on there untill the new web site is up and running.