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Discussion in 'Charities and Welfare' started by Mighty_doh_nut, Dec 24, 2005.

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  1. With a valiant push for the finishing line this site has managed to raise £2264 for the Glider Pilot Regtimental Association. I am going to round this upto £2500

    I'd like to take this opportunity to thank everyone involved in raising the monies to date.

    I am truly humbled at the generosity of many of the members here and it will be an honour to present a cheque to the association on the sites behalf.

    I will be continuing to raise outside the site, to try and achieve the target I set myself. and Fundraising with the COs permision will continue on here until the last man is gone and thier dependants no longer need help.

    I'll post another time about distinguished efforts made by members. and will ensure they get a mention in the new years honours list.

    Point to note: I stall have a large number of watches in stock and are still availabel for sale, every penny being given to the GPRA. There are still some monies trickling in and its not unrealistic to think this amoutn could grow another £500 by the end of January

    Once again many thanks, from quite a lumpy throated, high pitched voiced, slightly choked up clown :D
  2. There are two bears now redundant for the time being.

    Cpl Horsa is being promoted to Sgt taking Slinsbys place who through acts of sheer hardness and bravery is going into retirement.

    It is therefore intended to auction the bear and an album of photographs taken on his travels.

    Anyone care to start the bidding?
  3. I will start at 10 shiney english pounds.

    Slug Snr has promised to get Sgt Slingsby gliding. That must be worth more than a tenner.
  4. £50 for Slingsby (and I know it will cost me another fiver to replace yet another kilt - you sure about this spontaneous combustion MDN?)
  5. Thats more like it, it cost £80 for each bear to be created.
  6. As my little angel said, I can get Sgt Slingsby gliding.

    I want at least £1000 for that. I can get it free, but hey, it costs more for the teddy!!!

    Hands in pockets time people. Its Christmas and all that.

    Ho Ho Ho.
  7. ^Dale if you can get a serious pledge of £1000 for Slingsby, I will gift a further £100 just to say thanks. Hope your phone has some wealthy contacts in it. (And I don't mean mine - I'm poor replacing all those burnt out kilts!)

    State of play - bidding for Slingsby at £50 but ARRSE very quiet tonight so in true auction fashion, this is your chance to boost the bidding a tenner at a time with only a slight risk of having to fork out.

    Get bidding people - you know you want him.
  8. If it were to raise more money I am happy to cut the little cnut into peices William Wallace style and send him to the four corners, but it will have to be for a silly amount.
  9. Abacus, you dancer.

    Get it going people. We are up to £110 so far, plus the experience of seeing me bloody glide again!!!!
  10. Bump.

    Am also putting this link into chat. For those of you are scared, it's the little button at the top that says "Chat". You blokes? I tell you!!!

    Editted to say: Well I would put the link into chat if Papa hadn't booted me. What a great guy.
  11. Bump. FFS I was crapping myself the third time.

    Get slingsby in the air!!!!
  12. Bump

    Dale - can we have a name for the £110 bid please.

    MDN - any chance of posting a closing date/time for the auction?
  13. Is the bidding still going on? Is it £110??