Sgt Slingsby - On Tour - Again

OK, I have negotiated a deal with OrificeCadet to get Sgt Slingsby to my gaffe, after he has been helicopter flying.

I have also just done a deal with the Gliders (the young ones) for them to take him up in a glider, they didn't think that was good enough for him and said it was too easy a thing to do.

Can you think of anything else that they can get him to do (for charridy) that will raise the Old and Bold Gliders some dosh?


Dale of Snailsville xx
orificecadet said:
Slingsby is actually getting a freefall parachute drop with me photos to follow.
To me.

Munny please!!!!

RHM, can you put the details on of where to send the dosh to please?

Or the Teddy just stays with me...........

My dog likes Teddies........

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