Sgt Slingsby Comedy Calendar

OK, so I know we have missed the calendar buying season by a month or so but having received my trial one this morning I thought I would share this with you.

The concept is this; you sign up to our chosen print provider and use a library of images from the caption competition threads to create a custom calendar (or indeed any other photo based gift)

You cough up and a month later we get a small share. Its not going to be a huge amount but every little bit counts and the benefit of doing it this way is we don't have to use any of your donated cash to buy stock that may or may not get sold.

STEP 1 - Get a Photobox Account

Photobox are our chosen provider and we get a small percentage of everything you buy for 30 days after you click the link. Photobox allow you to create photo gifts like calendars, mugs, T Shirts, albums and prints from images you upload, find on Flickr or get from the Photobox public albums.

Click The Image

Simply signing up gets you 30 free prints of your missus, kids or mates

STEP 2 - Drag the Sgt Slingsby Caption Images into your Account

We have provided a number of Sgt Slingsby themed caption images that you can use and these are in a Photobox Public Album.

Click on the Community menu and choose the public album option. The Sgt Slingsby album is in the Groups and Organisations category or you can navigate directly to the album by clicking this link

Select all the images and click the 'Save This Album to My Account'


This will transfer the images from the public library to your account, 'My Shared Albums'

STEP 3 - Create Your Calendar

Click on the Photo Gifts menu and choose Calendars and Diaries

Follow the instructions, select the Sgt Slingsby album and drag the images onto the calendar. You can also use your own images of course.

You can start the calendar from any month you like.

I created an A4 calendar but there are other things you can create.

Check everything is OK, save and check out


To check everything was OK I ordered an A4 calendar, received it this morning. It is now hanging on the kitchen door in chez meridian (hope my mum doesnt ask what Soggy Biscuit is when she sees the image I have selected for February :D )


It's a great idea... has anyone thought also of starting up a Cafe Press Shop where High Res pics of all the bears in their various locations can be uploaded and placed on hundreds of Products...

I run a Cafe Press Shop and it pulls in about $100 - $200 a month in sales, once it is up and running you don't have to do anything apart from Upload Graphics/Pictures to the sections, if the MODs at ARRSE did a joint ARRSE/Sgt Slingsby Shop it would pull in a good amount for the Slingsby Fund, I think Mr. Potato Head would be popular... it costs around $6.95 a month to run a Shop, everything is done for you and people can buy just one item or thousands! you never need to pay for anything as it pays for itself out of the sales commissions...

It's just a thought but it's a very easy, no cost, automated way of adding to the Slingsby Fund...
Joined - I shall look at doing a Sergeant Slingby Photo Collection [The Best of Bears] for those of a more nervous/delicate disposition!

Of course we can add more appropriate pictures as we progress and there are loads more caption images to upload just thought I would start with a small selection to get the ball rolling, like that cafe press idea from Gundulph though, that could be quite easy to implement and again produce a small trickle of funds but crucially without any admin

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